Definition of double Dutch in US English:

double Dutch

(also double dutch)


North American
  • A jump-rope game played with two long jump ropes swung in opposite directions so that they cross rhythmically.

    as adverb ‘three girls jumped double Dutch, the white cords whirring like an electric fan’
    • ‘The story, set in Cincinatti, Ohio, focuses on Delia and Randy, good friends who attend the same middle school and have a love for double Dutch.’
    • ‘Jump rope champions show Martha their double Dutch techniques.’
    • ‘I used to jump double Dutch when I was your age.’
    • ‘We were 8 or 9 at the time, and when not jumping double Dutch or playing beauty parlor, Valeria and I would spend hours on the stoop of my family's Brooklyn brownstone swapping elaborate stories about Larry.’
    • ‘The 50-year-old executive assistant is energized and invigorated by a weekly dose of double Dutch.’
    • ‘Learn double Dutch style and start a team.’
    • ‘It was a time when racial discrimination wasn't as subtle, when Motown music filled the air, when young girls jumped double Dutch, ate Squirrel Nuts and Brown Cow candies and washed down the sticky sweets with NEHI sodas.’


double Dutch

/ˈˌdəbəl ˈdətʃ//ˈˌdəbəl ˈdəCH/