Definition of double date in US English:

double date


  • A social outing in which two couples participate.

    • ‘If you want, Jesse and I could come and it could be a double date.’
    • ‘The two couples kept their relationship strong and the four of them usually have double dates.’
    • ‘I have been tricked into going on double dates before.’
    • ‘Just as you would for a double date with the couple across the street, devise a plan of escape.’
    • ‘A Kingston couple who met making up the numbers on a double date will celebrate their platinum wedding anniversary on Saturday, November 1.’
    • ‘Did you know that on their first double date, Barney was actually coupled with Wilma, while Fred was paired with Betty?’
    • ‘It was supposed to be a double date, but the couple that they had come with wanted to have their own table, so now here Greg was, getting to have his first one on one dinner date with the girl of his dreams.’
    • ‘Whenever Ashley is in New York and me too, we can schedule another double date like this.’
    • ‘When we ‘date’ we actually talk, hold hands, IM and go on double dates.’
    • ‘Dean mostly relied on Aaron's smooth tactics to get them double dates and Aaron knew this.’
    • ‘His eyes flashed from me to Ryan then to Danielle, ‘Mitchell dragged me along on another double date.’’
    • ‘Having been on blind dates, double dates, charity dates, speed dates and a stack of ‘normal’ dates, there is little that she hasn't done or wouldn't do in the hope of finding romance.’
    • ‘She exclaimed that they could go on double dates, all four of them; she and Edward with Wendy and Theodore.’
    • ‘And since you and your boyfriend don't go out enough, why not suggest a double date?’
    • ‘If you dream of a double date, maybe you're nervous about a romantic situation and need your friends' support and advice.’
    • ‘For couples who don't see eye to eye, there is only one social ritual that placates both: the double date, where the two can be together and out in the world simultaneously.’
    • ‘We mostly go on double dates with Dan and Patricia.’
    • ‘Why not hook him up with one of your friends for a double date?’
    • ‘Rick and I had gone on a double date with a couple I didn't know.’
    • ‘Wait, you agreed to go on a double date with Heather and Jordan?’


[no object]double-date
  • 1Take part in a double date.

    • ‘When Jack was in high school he double-dated with Michael; he was going out at the time with Paula's younger sister.’
    • ‘Both of them smiled, and since they decided to double-date with Jerwon and Dana, they both had to scramble off rather quickly.’
    • ‘I remembered he had decided to ask Lucy out for the same night, so that we could double-date.’
    • ‘In 1960 four youngsters decided to go double-dating at the lake side.’
    • ‘Problem is, she frequently asks if my boyfriend and I will double-date with them.’
    • ‘For the next seven years, she tried never to double-date with her husband Ben's friends, especially when she didn't like their wives.’
    • ‘They double-date, drink, work out their romantic pitfalls, and have a good time.’
    • ‘Remember that for every boy she snags, he's got a whole crew of friends who can double-date with you.’
    • ‘We double-dated like crazy with Kim and Paul and hung out with Kai a bunch too.’
    • ‘How about the two of you, and Jake and me double date Friday.’
    • ‘I double-dated with straight couples I knew from my classes and discussed my love life with the candor of any college student.’
    • ‘He hoped their relationship would work out, not only because he couldn't wait to double date, but because he wanted his brother to be happy, and he felt bad for Sarah and really wanted her to be happy too.’
    • ‘Mark and I double-dated with him and his wife, Donna, on New Year's Eve in '95 and '96.’
    • ‘‘You don't go against your father's wishes,’ says his oldest friend, a high school buddy from San Diego's Hoover High School class of 1937, so close they double-dated at the senior prom.’
    • ‘I'm seeing Larry on Friday night, would you and Dante want to double date?’
    • ‘In high school we double-dated, built snow caves, climbed the local crags.’
    • ‘Alex didn't particularly want to double date with Amy and her boyfriend, but he supposed this was a good idea.’
    • ‘Well, if we double-dated, we'd split expenses, and I'd definitely be able to pay for that.’
    • ‘A pair of celebrity glamour couples were seen double-dating in Miami this weekend.’
    • ‘Imagine double-dating with the ghosts of relationships past.’
    1. 1.1with object Accompany (someone) on a double date.
      • ‘A friend of mine came with me and we double dated her and her friend.’
      • ‘We were great friends and were notorious for double-dating women and going paintballing together.’


double date