Definition of double-headed in US English:



  • 1Having a double head or two heads.

    ‘a double-headed monster’
    ‘double-headed nails’
    • ‘Note to Yorkshire groundsman: we'd like an absolute shocker and a double-headed coin please!’
    • ‘A double-headed jester went for £11,000, a record sum for a Royal Doulton figure.’
    • ‘The symbol of the Russian state is a double-headed eagle - a truly odd bird.’
    • ‘With the exception of the double-headed eagle, however, these motifs had long been incorporated into the Byzantine artistic repertoire, making the notion of direct influence misleading.’
    • ‘There were not many more British enthusiasts for the hammer and sickle than there had been for the double-headed eagle.’
    • ‘Bang in the middle of the market square is the Tsarina's Stone, an obelisk pillar with a double-headed golden eagle statue on top.’
    • ‘Eventually Aphrodite was readied for her last journey, clad in the complete costume of dress, gloves, headscarf and shoes, and placed in a coffin ornately carved with the double-headed eagle of Byzantium.’
    • ‘On the globe, there sits an imperial double-headed eagle with a blank shield on its breast.’
    • ‘‘The battery represents a double-headed monster,’ says Joel Jorgenson, an engineer Performance teamed up with for the project.’
    • ‘Genuine bottles of Kirov Vodka have a printed red cap with a double-headed eagle printed in gold and black on the top.’
    • ‘Plaintiffs' attorneys are getting all the press, but the high cost of the tort system is a double-headed monster.’
    • ‘It's happening all over the world, but in Russia it acquired specific forms in which Dostoevsky has been distorted into a kind of prophet of a new double-headed animal of religion and political power.’
    • ‘Most intriguing of all, one of the shrines in the town bears the insignia of the double-headed eagle: centuries later the same symbol was to become the crest first of Byzantium, then of the Hapsburgs, and finally of Imperial Russia.’
    • ‘The national symbol of Serbia is a double-headed white eagle, a creature considered the king of animals.’
    • ‘The regular 8 nm steps typically observed with double-headed kinesin were not observed for SHC-kinesin (data not shown).’
    • ‘In the late nineteenth century, the double-headed eagle was taken up by the nationalist movement as a symbol of resistance to the Ottoman Empire and was used on the banners of freedom fighters seeking autonomy and independence.’
    • ‘Conventional kinesin has a double-headed structure consisting of two motor domains and moves processively along a microtubule using the two heads cooperatively.’
    • ‘Even the legendary double-headed eagle of Western origin was observed in one of the enclosures.’
    • ‘As well as the Cyclops, it includes Siamese twins, a two-faced baby known as a ‘Janus’, a ‘mermaid’ with a fleshy tail instead of legs, and a double-headed calf.’
    • ‘The Imperial double-headed eagle was marked just underneath the rear sight and on top of the receiver flat just below the barrel.’
    1. 1.1 (of a train) pulled by two locomotives.
      • ‘Trains were double headed for most of the day with every possible combination of locomotive.’
      • ‘I have a strong suspicion we were double-headed, since the train was large, and we were more than able to maintain track speed.’
    2. 1.2 (of a weapon) having two cutting implements, typically one at each end of shaft.
      ‘a double-headed ax’
      • ‘Daniels watched as the man chose a double-headed axe.’
      • ‘He was gigantic, bigger then ever before, yelling wildly, brandishing a sword in one hand and a double-headed axe in the other.’
      • ‘He tapped his great double-headed axe, ‘You will need a friend or two at your back!’’
      • ‘He held his double-headed battle-ax in one of his hands, walking down the hill they came up from.’