Definition of double-action in English:



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    ‘double-action moss killer’
    another term for double-acting
    • ‘It was now precision built of hollow aluminum tubing and boasted an adjustable, double-action spring.’
    • ‘A new, double-action vaccine that protects children against diphtheria and whooping cough at the same time was described at the Atlantic City meeting of the American Public Health Association last week.’
    1. 1.1 (of a gun) able to be cocked and fired in one single action.
      • ‘That said, a double-action revolver with a more maneuverable 4-inch barrel is probably the best bet in a grim last-chance situation with the bear already on top of you.’
      • ‘This was in no small part due to the fact Walther offered double-action pistols long before any American gun company did.’
      • ‘A double-action revolver can be fired in a matter of seconds by anyone strong enough to pull a trigger, including the bad guy or a five-year-old child.’
      • ‘Many first-time gun buyers are advised to purchase a double-action revolver for self-protection.’
      • ‘Here's how handcuffs may be used to secure conventional double-action handguns.’
      • ‘With the huge popularity of double-action pistols here's one that works the way the big guys do, doesn't kick much and you can pretty much shoot it all day for a few bucks.’
      • ‘With this technique, an accomplished shooter can deliver a center-mass strike about as quickly and accurately with a double-action pistol as with a single-action.’
      • ‘In handguns, the double-action revolver has traditionally been the recommendation of those who believe in the KISS principle: Keep It Simple, Stupid.’
      • ‘For example, the double-action pistol has a simplified recoil-spring guide that won't fit the older barrel, and vice-versa.’
      • ‘By far the largest number of King guns are Colts; some single, but most double-action revolvers.’
      • ‘Women, historically, have proven partial to double-action revolvers, particularly when buying their first handgun.’
      • ‘However, this Tracker is not quite as smooth in operation as other larger and smaller Taurus double-action revolvers I have worked with.’
      • ‘Police use of handguns still remained the domain of the double-action revolver with Smith & Wesson the preferred choice.’
      • ‘For a first handgun, the best bet may be a double-action revolver, preferably double-action-only.’
      • ‘Smith & Wesson's traditional autoloaders are unique among double-action pistols.’
      • ‘What was most remarkable about these auto loaders was the fact that they offered the same trigger action as a double-action revolver.’
      • ‘The double-action pistol features a 10-round magazine and a 3.5-inch barrel.’
      • ‘Most sixgunners agree that the Triple-Lock was the finest factory produced double-action revolver.’
      • ‘A double-action revolver that is used for speed shooting will experience a very different type of wear than one shot with heavy loads.’
      • ‘For years, the fact single-action sixguns were simply stronger than double-action revolvers was accepted.’



/ˈdəbəl ˈækʃən//ˈdəbəl ˈakSHən/