Definition of double in US English:



  • 1Consisting of two equal, identical, or similar parts or things.

    ‘the double doors’
    • ‘The singer recently had a double hip replacement but said he was ‘in better shape now than he has been for some time’.’
    • ‘Inside, every seat was taken, the double doors guarded by court security staff.’
    • ‘Fontaine, right, retired aged just 28 after twice suffering a double leg fracture.’
    • ‘The master bedrooms have double doors leading to a balcony area.’
    • ‘Longford manager Alan Matthews made a double substitution at the half time break introducing Vinny Perth and Eric Lavine.’
    • ‘So I knew something was up when he grabbed both of our trays of food and took them through the double doors to the tables outside.’
    • ‘Billy fears he will die within weeks unless he is immediately approved for a double lung transplant.’
    • ‘A PUB in Whitley is celebrating a double success after being judged top in its field by two leading food guides.’
    • ‘The dining area is lit by two large Velux windows, a further two windows to the side and a set of glazed double doors opening out onto a patio.’
    • ‘It is hidden away in a back street behind 2 huge double doors, which means you have no idea what to expect when walking in.’
    • ‘Reinforcing this effect are a series of terraces leading invitingly from formal and casual living areas through sets of double doors to the home paddock and bush beyond.’
    • ‘The whole county was shocked at the double tragedy which claimed the lives of two young men on Sunday evening, June 27.’
    • ‘Hanna married Skeffington and the couple adopted the double surname of Sheehy-Skeffington.’
    • ‘He pushed through the double doors at the end of the hall, descended the stairs, and wandered almost blindly through the lobby and out into the street.’
    • ‘Because of the large double doors it lends itself to easy access for deliveries with ample parking to the front and side of the building.’
    • ‘It was a double celebration as his grandparents Jane and Paddy Deere were celebrating their 54th wedding anniversary.’
    • ‘By far the most blatantly contrived element of the play is the happy and neatly accounted for ending, with a stereotypical Hollywood double wedding scene.’
    • ‘There are double doors leading to the kitchen which has an oak kitchen, extractor fan, electric oven and electric ceramic hob.’
    • ‘There was a mesh grille behind the double doors, and I wondered if anyone else was there.’
    • ‘The double doors are open, and conversation drifts through from the next room.’
    dual, duplex, twin, binary, duplicate, matched, matching, paired, in pairs, complementary, coupled, twofold
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    1. 1.1 Having twice the usual size, quantity, or strength.
      ‘she sipped a double brandy’
      • ‘Prepare a pot of tea as described above, using double quantities of tea.’
      • ‘At the airport you can see people drinking double whiskies or brandies to give them confidence’
      • ‘At least a portion of the side walls of the body may include a double panel thickness to add strength to the container assembly.’
      • ‘From the first notes of the first track of this superb double album we know we're in safe hands.’
      • ‘So a double tall latte now costs $3.45, the same as an ordinary tall latte.’
      • ‘Mr Thorold also told the court that he and Hildreth regularly went out in the city and described how they often drank up to 12 double vodka and Cokes on a night out.’
      • ‘The bunker is the size of a double garage with 3 fences around it, a microwave intruder alarm detection system and 32 armed policemen.’
      • ‘White flowers often give double value by having a beautiful scent.’
      • ‘You can't resize the player window, which will annoy most people accustomed to viewing small videos at double size.’
      • ‘All the children have double PE lessons so it is not as if we have banned all sports at the school.’
      • ‘My husband had a double whisky.’
      • ‘He was struck down by kidney stones that put paid to an earlier attempt at the double marathon.’
      • ‘She ordered a double vodka, straight, with a glass of water.’
      • ‘Instead, when you do cook, make double quantities of meals that you can freeze so that you can draw on those when you're feeling too tired to cook.’
      • ‘Opened flat, the double page size is 7 x 5.5 inches, quite large enough for an effective sketch should I want to get serious.’
      • ‘Ward had a rail down at the double combination to finish with 39.74 seconds on the clock for fifth place.’
      • ‘They were served in generous quantity, almost double normal size.’
      • ‘I once got thrown out of a pub in Padstow because he bought me a double brandy.’
      • ‘Mr Melia had three pints of lager, a bottle of alcopops and a double brandy and coke on a night out with friends before getting behind the wheel.’
      • ‘I have one of those huge, double size coffee mugs, a gift from a woman I was seeing about five years ago.’
      twice the usual size, doubled, twofold
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    2. 1.2 Designed to be used by two people.
      ‘a double bed’
      • ‘As she looked a woman jogged by with her twin children in a double stroller and a poodle tied to the handle bar panting behind.’
      • ‘A baby and toddler may require a double buggy (carefully designed to be three millimetres wider than the doorway of your favourite shop).’
      • ‘I was led up the main stairs to a large room, whose only furnishings were a double bed and a small nightstand.’
      • ‘Three of the double bedrooms are a similar size, with two overlooking the rear garden currently used as a gym and a home office.’
      • ‘It was so upmarket that we could only afford a room between us, with one double bed.’
      • ‘Kane now sleeps on the living room sofa as Ikolo and her baby share the double bed in her room.’
      • ‘I found double rooms in the heart of Rome and London for about $100 per night.’
      • ‘The other generously sized double bedroom is also connected to the en suite bathroom and overlooks the rear garden.’
      • ‘He threw my bag onto the double bed in the center of the room.’
      • ‘The gaily painted rooms continue the Caribbean theme and include a double bed and two bunks with en-suite bathroom.’
      • ‘These are proper sized rooms, enough space for a double bed and a couch and a desk.’
      • ‘The small single bedroom is used as a study while the double bedrooms are a good size and have fitted floor-to-ceiling wardrobes.’
      • ‘Tariffs range from $80 to $195 for a double room, depending on the season.’
      • ‘Then a third got on with a double pushchair, completely blocking the aisle.’
      • ‘Located on either side of the living/kitchen area were two large rooms both with a double bed and a hot tub.’
      • ‘I've got a caravan to myself with quite a bit of room - sofa, double bed, etc - a few yards from the main farm house.’
      • ‘£235,000 buys you a 99-year lease on a small serviced room with a double bed, en-suite shower and all mod cons.’
      • ‘Payments will go up from 301 a week to 316 for single rooms and from 293 to 301 for double rooms from April.’
      • ‘But parents with pushchairs also share these problems and for anyone with a double buggy the difficulties can be even greater.’
      • ‘An open plan landing runs the length of the first floor, at either end of which are two identical double bedrooms.’
    3. 1.3 Having two different roles or interpretations, especially in order to deceive or confuse.
      ‘the double life of a freelance secret agent’
      • ‘Even she was fooled by his double life and knew nothing of his previous past in Florida or his previous name.’
      • ‘A political storm is brewing a day after New Jersey's governor admits to leading a double life.’
      • ‘How the heck did he pull off this double life for all these years, making everybody believe he was studying to go to med school?’
      • ‘But for decades, he kept his real self a secret, until a shocking TV appearance exposed a double life.’
      • ‘So she was basically kind of helping him live a double life.’
      • ‘I feel a sense of relief that I am no longer living a double life, but at the same time it is very painful to accept that my entire family has turned against me.’
      • ‘Dole claimants suspected of working will be ordered to sign on more frequently and at shorter notice to make a double life more difficult.’
      • ‘This includes stories, jokes, or lyrics which have double meanings or have sexual overtones.’
      • ‘It is based on Barris's autobiography in which he claims to have led a double life as a CIA assassin, fronting game shows by day and murdering government targets by night.’
      • ‘She was only 15, but for years, Caeli had been living a double life.’
      • ‘Lessard leads a double life as a wrestler in the Ontario wrestling circuit and a UW grad student in CS; certainly a feat to behold.’
      • ‘By the time Quinn fell pregnant for the second time, in May this year, the pressures of leading a double life were beginning to tell.’
      • ‘For 15 years, Smith, 38, has been balancing a tricky double life.’
      • ‘Jerome was dumbfounded at the double life his longtime chess partner had been leading.’
      • ‘His double life came to an abrupt end on Wednesday when arresting officers armed with a Greek extradition warrant strolled across the road to the hotel.’
      • ‘Milena shook her head at the double meaning of his last statement.’
      • ‘And then after they were married, she of course knew nothing about his double life and his career as a spy.’
      • ‘His attempt to lead a double life - one in Vegas, one in Boston - falls apart as his previous world just isn't exciting enough.’
      • ‘It's been six years now, you get used to living a double life.’
      • ‘For the next sixteen months he lived a double life in the popular tourist resort, working as a bar man by day and cavorting with young women and prostitutes at night.’
      ambiguous, equivocal, dual, two-edged, ambivalent, open to debate, open to argument, arguable, debatable
      deceitful, double-dealing, two-faced, janus-faced, dual
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    4. 1.4 (of a letter or number) occurring twice in succession.
      ‘“otter” is spelled with a double t’
      • ‘I mean, who has three sets of double letters in their name?’
      • ‘Collins dictionary allows berretta with a double r as an alternative (the Italian spelling).’
      • ‘People think there can't possibly be two lots of double letters in one word so they often drop one set.’
      • ‘Moreover, the double letter ‘a’ is atypical in the German language.’
      • ‘For book titles, phrases et cetera, put the words in double inverted commas, as with other Google searches.’
      • ‘During 1980 I accompanied Peter Doyle in the radio studios of 2 double J. while he was on air.’
    5. 1.5 (of a flower) having more than one circle of petals.
      ‘large double blooms’
      • ‘This Shasta daisy with its double blooms and many quilled petals, is truly unique and fun with its fluffy look.’
      • ‘Good access to the nectar is important - showy double blooms and hybrids don't provide a good perching or feeding source.’
      • ‘Snapdragon has apricot-gold double flowers with tutti-frutti fragrance.’
      • ‘Interest switched to its flowers once the first varieties with double blooms were bred in Belgium in 1815 by M Donckelaar.’
      • ‘The botanist who spots a double flower in a field of single sees a chance mutation that has altered that plant's genetics.’
      • ‘Decoratives have double or semi-double flowers and usually grow to over 18 inches tall.’
      • ‘The single flowers have four petals, the semidouble flowers five to eight petals, and double flowers more than eight.’
      • ‘Also, tropical hibiscus can have blossoms of salmon, orange, yellow, or peach with double flowers.’
      • ‘It is a tender plant with large double flowers that appear all summer.’
      • ‘These are hanging plants, usually displaying double flowers with pointed petals.’
      • ‘There were several seed varieties available, some with double flowers or a single color.’
      • ‘Red Spider, developed in the USA in 1946, has crimson sepals and red corolla and Huntsman has double flowers with red sepals and purple corolla.’
      • ‘Butterflies prefer pink, purple, or white flowers and single flowers rather than double flowers.’
      • ‘In full bloom, the 15-acre Mughal Gardens has roses, lilies, tulips, double pansy flowers and smooth green lawns.’
      • ‘Their petals are larger and waved, giving the impression of a double bloom, and edged in a deeper colour.’
      • ‘The kind with double flowers bloom a bit less but make up for it with so many extra petals they look like little roses.’
      • ‘Begonia blossoms love to grow in pairs, producing small single blooms just behind each large double bloom.’
      • ‘Pink double flowers fade to white and appear at the same time as coppery red new leaves.’
      • ‘Most impatiens have single or double flowers in white or shades of lavender, orange, pink, or red.’
      • ‘Some have large flowers with longer spurs, while others have shorter spurs with double flowers, depending on the species.’
    6. 1.6 (of a domino) having the same number of dots on each half.
      • ‘To begin the game, each player draws tiles from their bags to their hands, one at a time, until reaching a double domino.’
  • 2Music
    Lower in pitch by an octave.

    • ‘Several selections contain strings of double notes, primarily thirds and sixths.’
    • ‘The double octave can thus be divided into two equal parts each having a ratio of 2: 1.’
    • ‘His octaves come with astonishing drive, the double notes with gorgeous power.’
    • ‘She had chosen to play his Prelude in E flat minor, which is comprised in part of a continuous string of rapid double notes in the right hand alone’
    • ‘The introduction is based on a short six-note motive that is treated canonically, first in single notes and then in double notes.’


  • Twice as much or as many.

    ‘the jail now houses almost double the number of prisoners it was designed for’
    ‘I'll pay double what I paid last time’
    • ‘It is a record price for land without planning in the region and the price paid was double the guide of €22 million.’
    • ‘Another demand is that Sunday and holiday shifts be made voluntary, and that they are paid at double the normal rate.’
    • ‘Bangalore is more of a corporate market and the market size is nearly double that of Chennai's.’
    • ‘The employer can be liable to the state for double any fee that the employer would otherwise have paid.’
    • ‘Five years after the company first set out on the road towards new premises, and at double the initial estimated cost, work could begin on their new home within 12 months.’
    • ‘He's had the habit of owning something for ten years then just getting rid of it for double the price of what he paid for it.’
    • ‘We've had to extend this pier by nearly double what it was.’
    • ‘Sony Ericsson's handsets are selling at nearly double last year's rate.’
    • ‘People who are just over the speed limit shouldn't have to pay the same as somebody doing double the limit.’
    • ‘Given their prices are so low, I'd be willing to pay double their rates for half as many seats in the same plane offering twice as much room.’
    • ‘A controversial salary proposed for the chief executive of a council only 40 miles away is double the wage paid to City of York Council's top executive.’
    • ‘In order to conquer the obstacles that don't exist for ordinary people, he had to work twice as hard and expend double the energy to succeed.’
    • ‘Trade unions have fought hard and long to have the Sunday work premium paid at double the rate of normal payment.’
    • ‘In some circumstances, they could be forced to pay double this, if they are ordered to pay the other side's legal costs.’
    • ‘But our sales are running at double the level they were just two years ago.’
    • ‘Those going at faster speeds, for instance 40 to 45 mph in a 30 mph zone, would get six points, which is double the current level.’
    • ‘They should have double the subsidy and cheaper prices.’
    • ‘I have to pay double the transportation charges compared to pre-monsoon times due to bad road conditions.’
    • ‘Advertisers flocked to the programme despite the controversial content, enabling the company to charge double the normal airtime rates.’
    • ‘Teachers who earn extra money for marking scripts in the summer have been asked by the Joint Council for General Qualifications to take on double their usual load.’


  • 1At or to twice the amount or extent.

    ‘you have to be careful, and this counts double for older people’
    • ‘It's three against three and my vote counts double.’
    • ‘In fact we are double daft because we've just held two little soirées - one for family and one for colleagues and friends.’
    • ‘This applies double if the profanity occurs during a quarterly conference call.’
    • ‘All sorts of innovations had been touted in earlier plans for the ' 20 / 20 ' competition, including a Golden Over where each run would count double.’
    • ‘This goes double for similar criticism of policies, if the criticism is routed through proper channels.’
    • ‘Away goals do not count double in Fifa's rulebook.’
    • ‘As soon as it is cooked through, fold it double, turn it out on a hot dish, and serve at once.’
    twice, twice over, twice the amount, doubly
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    1. 1.1 As two instead of the more usual one.
      ‘she thought she was seeing double’
      • ‘The other girl then stepped forward and Canace thought she was seeing double.’
      • ‘And while the congregation may have thought they were seeing double when the brides walked down the aisle in identical dresses, the brothers had no such problems.’
      • ‘Joanne Meager, 38 from Sheffield, thought she was seeing double when she opened our sister paper the Surrey Comet.’
      • ‘By the time they came and got me I was seeing double.’
      • ‘The lights were flickering on and off, and I was seeing double.’
      • ‘Although Jessica learned to play the violin and piano, three weeks after her ninth birthday she began to complain to her mother and father, Alan George of The Fitzwilliam String Quartet, that she was seeing double.’
      • ‘For a moment she thought she was seeing double but soon realized that they were twins.’
      • ‘I sneak a peek over just in time to see him scrunching up his face in the obvious expression of someone who is seeing double and thinks he can force his way back to seeing single through sheer effort.’
      • ‘I blinked once and then started rubbing my eyes - I was seeing double!’
      • ‘Had he been knocked out so badly that he was seeing double?’


  • 1A thing which is twice as large as usual or is made up of two standard units or things.

    ‘join the two sleeping bags together to make a double’
    • ‘Both of the property's two bedrooms are doubles with built-in wardrobes, laminate floors and fitted vanity units.’
    • ‘It's just that the upmarket rooms in the 3-star hotel cost the same as the standard doubles in the superior ones.’
    • ‘B&B in standard doubles is from £127; superior doubles and suites go from £165 to £250.’
    • ‘The offer entitles readers to a complimentary upgrade of room, from a standard double to a Hallmark / Delux room.’
    • ‘To the front are two good sized doubles, each fitted with a wardrobe and shelving unit.’
    • ‘For a good quality pocket-sprung mattress, expect to pay from £875 for a standard double at Vi-Spring.’
    • ‘Both are doubles which have been finished to the highest standard.’
    • ‘Both are large doubles with built-in wardrobes and mirrored vanity units.’
    • ‘The master bedroom has a huge double bath, while there is a twin room in the cellar and a double on the ground floor.’
    • ‘Peterhead seemed to be coasting until East Stirling substitute, Gregor McKechnie, squared the match with a double inside four minutes.’
    • ‘As well as standard doubles, the hotel has well-equipped suites overlooking the golf course, each with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room.’
    • ‘Both of the bedrooms in this unit are doubles and have en suite shower rooms, one of which is accessed via a spiral staircase from the living room.’
    • ‘Rooms cost from £70 for a standard double / twin per night midweek in high season.’
    • ‘Otherwise, ask for a standard double with a sea view: the moody purples and glowing oranges at dusk and dawn are quite spectacular.’
    • ‘All of the other bedrooms are doubles and one contains fitted wardrobes and a shelving unit.’
    • ‘I think you have to try sleeping separately - buy twin beds if you share a double now.’
    • ‘The single is likely to be used as a children's bedroom or possibly a study, while the double has a vanity unit wash hand basin.’
    • ‘A superior double or twin costs from £140, again for two.’
    • ‘The bedroom accommodation will comprise two doubles and a large single in the three-bedroom houses and two doubles in all other units.’
    • ‘Upstairs there are two doubles and one twin bedroom to the front of the house, all decorated in tasteful but unusual colours.’
    1. 1.1 A double measure of liquor.
      • ‘Last night Wetherspoon spokesman Eddie Gershon admitted that offering doubles rather than singles was standard practice in all the company's pubs.’
      • ‘I already had them figured for bourbon drinkers, and on receiving confirmation I poured a pair of doubles, left the bottle out and placed a tray of ice on the counter.’
      • ‘It seems to be more acceptable for women to drink pints or doubles now.’
      • ‘Many pubs now serve doubles as standard.’
      • ‘Michael doesn't drink, but if you make mine a double, you're on.’
      • ‘Another gin and tonic, honey - better make it a double.’
    2. 1.2Baseball A hit that allows the batter to reach second base safely.
      ‘Sabo came home on a double by O'Neill’
      • ‘Bradley tried to make a diving catch, but he did not come that close to the ball, and it skidded past him, allowing Renteria to scamper to second base with a double.’
      • ‘He had three home runs and three doubles in 13 games after being recalled from Class AAA Buffalo.’
      • ‘Joe Medwick came close to that mark when he hit 64 doubles in 155 games for the St. Louis Cardinals in 1936.’
      • ‘He snapped out of his slump with four doubles in two games.’
      • ‘The guy on base can't drive himself in, and a batter can't hit an RBI double if the bases are empty.’
    3. 1.3 A type of bet in which two selections are made, with any winnings from the first being transferred to the second.
      • ‘Tony Dobbin claims a 35-1 double in the opening two races when Master Tern and Limerick Boy both record victories.’
      • ‘Many potential entrants argue that such an entry fee could better be spent on say, three cold $100 doubles or exactas.’
      • ‘Horses that are favored in the doubles or pick-three wagers, but open up at long odds on the tote board, are usually bad investments.’
      • ‘I remember it well because I had placed a small Yankee bet - a popular wager comprising six doubles, four trebles and an accumulator - on four horses.’
    4. 1.4Bridge A call that will increase the points won if the declarer is successful, or increase the penalty points won by the defenders if the declarer fails to make the contract.
      • ‘If spades are trumps then an extra double is automatically applied to the final scores.’
      • ‘The number of doubles which can be declared and the payment for them depends on the number of players as follows.’
      • ‘Doubles of declarer are ringed, to make it easier to ensure that each player makes her compulsory two doubles of declarer.’
      • ‘The declarer must hold at least 4 doubles to announce Plunge.’
      • ‘If someone then bids higher, any previous doubles and redoubles are cancelled.’
    5. 1.5Darts A hit on the narrow ring enclosed by the two outer circles of a dartboard, scoring double.
      • ‘Not only this, but, fortified by the fact that I had drunk his lager by mistake, Ken managed to hit the winning double in the second leg of the last match.’
      • ‘A player must hit his double to become a killer and can then start the business of taking lives from other players by scoring in their double.’
  • 2A person who looks exactly like another.

    ‘you could pass yourself off as his double’
    • ‘Spark's friend, Nita McEwen, physically almost her double, was shot dead by Nita's husband in a hotel where Spark was staying.’
    • ‘Here Lynch takes advantage of Lara Flynn Boyle's absence to cast Moira Kelly - a doppelganger Donna in a film rife with doubles.’
    • ‘Although, I did not need a mirror to see a double of myself, as my companion was the exact image of me.’
    • ‘Famous magicians excel in the use of stage doubles and even twins, in order to get spectacular results that seem to defy the laws of the universe.’
    • ‘St. Jacques, a heroic fighter involved in the Crusades, was the exact double of Ogoun Ferraille, a powerful warrior spirit.’
    • ‘To press their diagnosis, a second case was described who was Merrick's double.’
    • ‘This is too unlikely a similarity to be mere coincidence, and it produces the eerie suspicion/sensation that the women are doubles of one another.’
    • ‘The apparition is myself, and I stare dumbfounded as my double punches me in the stomach.’
    • ‘From one point of view, building a clone is no more remarkable than a gardener taking a cutting from a hedge; if I make a clone of myself, he will be my biological twin, not my double.’
    • ‘Bethany had played Tatiana's double in the mirror in the second scene of Onegin.’
    • ‘After accessing the computer database, he found out that the president had several doubles - at least five.’
    • ‘Was this the real man or a double?’
    • ‘She believed that the members of her family had all been gradually replaced by doubles.’
    lookalike, twin, clone, duplicate, perfect likeness, exact likeness, replica, copy, facsimile, imitation, picture, image, living image, mirror image, counterpart, match, mate, fellow
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    1. 2.1 A person who stands in for an actor in a film.
      • ‘He began working as a stuntman for Bruce Lee, then a stunt double for Woo Ping, and has directed over 30 films.’
      • ‘Due to flight difficulties keeping the Robbie double from the launch, Kylie double Claire Renovoize ended up performing solo.’
      • ‘The actors portraying their screen doubles are overwhelmingly so well cast, they save this movie of the week from well, being a cheesy movie of the week.’
      • ‘For instance, they could tie the knot to the big tunes of the Hard Rock Cafe, have film star doubles attend the ceremony, or have their big moment projected onto the centre's video screens.’
      • ‘Here's where all the technical goodies come in - stunt doubles, location miniatures, long-lens shots - Treu spills it all.’
      • ‘Chan credits his hard training at the school to his physical success as a stuntman, stunt double and actor.’
      • ‘They had a plan for Trey to be a stunt double in films while Pixie would be that actor like Jackie Chan who does all of his own stunts.’
      • ‘Phil also came up with extras, stand-ins and doubles for the movie Killing Me Softly, with Heather Graham, once again in a Lakeland location.’
      • ‘Having got as far as RamsdenCon I was met by Annie and my stunt double.’
      • ‘A display of archery skills will be performed by a team which acted as stunt doubles for Richard Gere and Sean Connery in the film First Knight.’
      • ‘As far as I could tell, no actors used any stunt doubles, making the film's considerable slapstick shocking.’
      • ‘Three thousand prisoners still remained inside the complex, some of whom shouted abuse through their cell-window grilles while their actor doubles went through their paces.’
      • ‘The actors and stunt doubles do their jobs well.’
      • ‘Once the action starts in earnest and the stunt doubles do their thing, the film is entertaining enough.’
      • ‘Kevin Costner has rescued her from a burning tree house and in the new Bridget Jones film she is a stunt double for actress Renee Zellweger.’
      • ‘It's important to me because as someone who also watches films I can always tell when a double is being used.’
      • ‘Nowadays, most film actors openly admit that they have stunt doubles and these professionals are acknowledged in their own right.’
      • ‘The advertisement depicts two lovers together on the beach, in one scene riding horses, which will be filmed with stunt doubles.’
      • ‘Will Lee Westwood attempt to have a stunt-man double stand in for him?’
      • ‘Hence the use of doubles who save the actors' time and bloodied knuckles.’
      stand-in, body double, understudy, substitute
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    2. 2.2 An apparition of a living person.
      ‘she had seen her husband's double’
      • ‘The history of doppelgängers and doubles, you see, is intimately bound up with human mortality and the origins of image making.’
      • ‘The image of her twin provides a reference to the doppleganger, the ghostly double, the other self.’
      • ‘As such, video game enemies in sibling-based stories are more likely to be doppelgängers, shadows or doubles of the player-characters.’
      • ‘Among other syndromes, they mentioned doppelgängers or subjective doubles.’
      • ‘According to German folklore, all humans, birds, and beasts have a spirit double, invisible but identical to the living individual.’
      • ‘The painting is part of his new exhibit called Doppelganger, which translates from German to mean the double of a living person.’
      lookalike, twin, clone, duplicate, perfect likeness, exact likeness, replica, copy, facsimile, imitation, picture, image, living image, mirror image, counterpart, match, mate, fellow
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  • 3doubles(especially in tennis and badminton) a game or competition involving sides made up of two players.

    ‘the semifinals of the doubles’
    • ‘Barnard was seen on television last Friday evening playing a mixed doubles match in the All England Championships at Wimbledon and he was in action again last Saturday in the men's doubles.’
    • ‘Indonesia will send 14 players to the Olympics, consisting of two in the men's singles, six in the men's doubles, four in the mixed doubles and two in the women's doubles.’
    • ‘Satoshi Iwabuchi and Tomas Shimada will take on Zaatini and Hamadeh in the doubles on Saturday before the two reverse singles matches on Sunday.’
    • ‘Americans Brian Martin and Mark Grimmette finished second in the doubles for the second straight year and were the only non-Germans on the podium.’
    • ‘The first tournament was held the following year, with Jean and Richard Cross winning the mixed doubles, Terry and Tony Precious the men's doubles and Jean and Jill Cross the women's doubles.’
    • ‘It is planned to have men's singles and women's singles starting on the morning of Saturday, September 6, with men's and women's doubles on the following morning.’
    • ‘If the Danes are frustrated in the singles event, they will be looking for great things from world champions Lars Paaske and Jonas Rasmussen who start as favourites in the men's doubles.’
    • ‘Brothers Phil and James Langley put up a brave fight before going out of the men's doubles in the City of York Tennis Championships at St Peter's School last night.’
    • ‘A combination of young and senior players have been chosen to represent Indonesia in the men's doubles.’
    • ‘Rusedski's toe injury ruled him out of the doubles and the deciding singles match on that occasion and left a nervous and inexperienced Arvind Parmar to carry the can.’
    • ‘Denmark has consistently produced top players, especially in men's singles and doubles.’
    • ‘Kiefer, who won a silver medal in the doubles at the Olympic Games in Athens, prevailed in the tiebreak, winning 7: 4.’
    • ‘Wessels was also a runner-up in the men's doubles with his fellow countryman Melle van Gemerden.’
    • ‘Kim played more tournaments and matches than anybody this year, singles and doubles.’
    • ‘Mahesh Bhupathi and Leander Paes hold up the trophy after winning the doubles final at the Tennis Masters Series in Toronto on Sunday.’
    • ‘The team of four won three of the four singles but then the Hull school fought back in the doubles to level the score at 3-3.’
    • ‘We finished our first game of doubles and started a second game.’
    • ‘The longest match of the day was the women's doubles, which went down to a gripping final set.’
    • ‘Jonas Bjorkman and Todd Woodbridge took the men's doubles while Virginia Ruano Pascal and Paola Suarez claimed the women's version.’
    • ‘Furthermore, teaming up with Australian Trudi Musgrave, this pair had already won their first doubles game, as we went to press.’


  • A number or amount which is twice as large as a contrasting or usual number or amount.

    ‘he paid double and had a room all to himself’
    • ‘In either case, some play that anyone who scored no points at all during the game must pay double.’
    • ‘But the real star is the design and special effects… I'd pay double to see them.’
    • ‘She was asked to pay double the next week and if she still didn't have the money she was asked to pay treble the following week and all the time the interest was mounting.’
    • ‘When the work was not here in l983 during the Thatcher years, I went to Norway where the cost of living is double but so are the wages.’
    • ‘Only the other day one guy drove me a longer way home and charged me double.’
    • ‘Far better to hail a taxi - away from the hotel, unless you feel like paying double.’
    • ‘Well you didn't pay yesterday so I'll have to charge you double today.’
    • ‘Obviously some top universities could probably charge double and people would be lining up at the door’
    • ‘We have several reports of people being charged double for transactions over the weekend’
    • ‘Taxi company administrators argue they're allowed to charge double for the longer rides.’
    • ‘Paying double for two men and a large van, rather than hiring a small self-drive van, meant the difference between three hours of efficiency and a whole day of agony.’


  • 1no object Become twice as much or as many.

    ‘profits doubled in one year’
    • ‘The economy, registering growth of over 6 percent, was one of the best performing in Asia last year, and the stock market doubled in value.’
    • ‘Britain's female prison population has more than doubled in the past six years, with twice as many women as men jailed for a first offence.’
    • ‘This personal touch has paid off handsomely for the bank with profits more than doubling in the past three years to €504m.’
    • ‘The Liberal Democrats saw their representation double from two to four.’
    • ‘Women infected with the human papillomavirus are at risk for cervical cancer, but if they have HPV2 as well, the risk doubles.’
    • ‘Anne said insurance cover for her home had doubled to €900.’
    • ‘During the adolescent growth spurt, for a year or more, the velocity of height increase approximately doubles; a boy is likely to be growing again at the rate he first experienced about age 2.’
    • ‘As the demand for mortgage capital doubles, we have to make sure that the supply doubles too.’
    • ‘Four new dialysis stations, almost twice the floor space, and an open plan arrangement are all part of a revamp that has seen the unit double in capacity.’
    • ‘Since Whitbread acquired the business in 1995, it has doubled in size and profit.’
    • ‘Back in July, IFG said its profit was set to double by 2007.’
    • ‘Even if inflation is a mere 2 percent, the cost of living still doubles in 36 years.’
    • ‘Two years later, the property had doubled in value, so he sold it and decided to repeat the process.’
    • ‘However, their stress level would likely double should any unfortunate event occur during their trip.’
    • ‘Further improvements have been pencilled in for 2006, when pre-tax profits are expected to double to £86m.’
    • ‘Not only has supply more than doubled, but twice as much oil and four times as much gas has been added to reserves.’
    • ‘One explanation is that exporters faced considerable cost pressure in 1985 after the yen doubled in value in a short period.’
    • ‘Even though Compaq's sales doubled from 1990 to 1993, pre-tax profits fell.’
    • ‘The Euroway Trading Estate based firm, which repairs, services and installs hydraulic systems, saw its turnover double last year from 2001.’
    • ‘For each decade after age 55, the risk of stroke doubles for men and women.’
    multiply by two, increase twofold, enlarge, magnify, repeat
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    1. 1.1with object Make twice as much or as many of (something)
      ‘Clare doubled her income overnight’
      • ‘Here's a hot financial tip, fresh from the City desk, that's guaranteed to double your money overnight.’
      • ‘Hilton more than doubled pre-tax interim profits to £156.7m, helped by a tremendous performance from its Ladbrokes betting shops.’
      • ‘Last year, sale of steel from the bomb casings more than doubled his annual farming income to nearly U.S. $700.’
      • ‘The fans should benefit from that new rule - it potentially doubles Friday's on-track action.’
      • ‘Dell plans to double manufacturing capacity in China next year.’
      • ‘Even if merchandising income were to double the star's revenues, at current levels the company stands to take back around half what they have paid out.’
      • ‘The new capacity would help double annual production of compressors to six million units by 2006.’
      • ‘These economies have doubled their ratio of trade to national income.’
      • ‘There are now an estimated 700 abstinence programs in the United States and the government wants to double spending next year.’
      • ‘She also kept her composure out on the course, more than doubling her overnight three stroke lead with a near faultless two under par 71, which included only one bogey as well as three birdies.’
      • ‘Use of data compression typically doubles capacity and transfer rate.’
      • ‘Using cannabis once or twice a week almost doubles the risk of suffering psychotic symptoms in later life, researchers said yesterday.’
      • ‘The annual rent, under the lease, was one peppercorn, an amount which was later doubled.’
      • ‘Six minutes later and just when the heads of a dazed and confused City appeared to be clearing, another sluggish reaction to danger saw Bury double their advantage.’
      • ‘Schemes that promise to double your money overnight are guaranteed to empty your pockets.’
      • ‘Within two years the affected mines had recovered sufficiently to have doubled and, in some cases, trebled their profits.’
      • ‘After a blank first half, John Williams gave the hosts the lead which was doubled with Tom Daniels' first goal in three years.’
      • ‘You will certainly be exposed to enough bad language in this play to completely double your present vocabulary.’
      • ‘An extra £3 billion is to be spent on private surgery over the next five years, doubling NHS use of private hospitals.’
      • ‘The company is doubling output at its Fairmont, Ga., plant and boosting head count 8%, to 320 workers.’
    2. 1.2archaic with object Amount to twice as much as.
      ‘thy fifty yet doth double five and twenty’
    3. 1.3Military (of a member of the armed forces) move at twice the usual speed; run.
      ‘I doubled across the deck to join the others’
      sprint, race, dart, rush, dash, hasten, hurry, scurry, scuttle, scamper, hare, bolt, bound, fly, gallop, career, charge, pound, shoot, hurtle, speed, streak, whizz, zoom, sweep, go like lightning, go hell for leather, go like the wind, flash
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    4. 1.4Baseball (of a batter) get a two-base hit.
      ‘Strawberry doubled with two outs’
      • ‘He then tripled, doubled twice and singled in Cibao's 7-3 victory.’
      • ‘He also was very in tune at the plate, doubling twice and walking once before being removed after five innings.’
      • ‘The Mets' first batter doubled into the right-field corner on a hanging curve.’
      • ‘Eckstein also doubled, walked twice and stole a base.’
      • ‘Tommie Agee homered for the first two Mets runs then doubled and scored on a single by Wayne Garrett to break a 2-2 tie in the sixth inning.’
    5. 1.5Bridge Make a call increasing the value of the penalty points to be scored on an opponent's bid if it wins the auction and is not fulfilled.
    6. 1.6US informal Go out on a double date.
      ‘we doubled with my friend and her boyfriend’
      • ‘In fact, Barbara Nadine would only date if she were doubling with Tondelayo.’
  • 2with object Fold or bend (paper, cloth, or other material) over on itself.

    ‘the muslin is doubled and then laid in a sieve over the bowl’
    • ‘The bandage was a torn piece of cloth and had been doubled over to make it thick enough.’
    • ‘By definition, a pleat is a fold in cloth made by doubling the material upon itself and then pressing or stitching it into place.’
    fold, fold back, fold down, fold over, fold under, fold up, turn back, turn down, turn over, turn under, turn up, tuck back, tuck down, tuck under, tuck up, bend back, bend over, crease
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    1. 2.1 Clench (a fist)
      ‘he had one arm around her and the other fist doubled’
      • ‘I looked at him, shocked and angry at his ungrateful outburst, then doubled my fist.’
      • ‘I doubled my fist, and punched him in the stomach.’
      • ‘Rob stood, doubled up both fists, and struck the giant in the neck.’
    2. 2.2Nautical Sail around (a headland)
      ‘we struck out seaward to double the headland of the cape’
  • 3no object Be used in or play another, different role.

    ‘a laser printer doubles as a photocopier’
    • ‘The Zen Portable Media Center also comes with a stylish protective case that doubles as an adjustable stand.’
    • ‘This past summer, a computer laboratory and a cafeteria that doubles as a meeting room were added.’
    • ‘The adapters are thin and light, and the Targus model doubles as a charger for your cell phone.’
    • ‘The main reception area is a spacious open plan room that doubles as a living and dining room.’
    • ‘Joe Cleere and Legacy supplied sound equipment for the night, with the band's bass player Martin Townsend and Joe also doubling up as sound engineers for the night.’
    • ‘A lounge, function room, self-contained snooker room, office and a committee room doubling up as a television lounge are all on offer at the new club.’
    • ‘Today, I have three PCs humming away in different rooms all over the house, and all three double nicely as TVs.’
    • ‘The actors doubled as technicians, moving furniture about to create a dining area fit for a Queen.’
    • ‘The room doubles as a lecture hall and gathering area.’
    • ‘With only one operating theatre, the recovery room often had to double up as a second theatre.’
    • ‘The all-white ground-floor photo studio doubles as a living-dining room, and opens up to the forecourt and backyard through clear glass.’
    • ‘The restaurant she has established with husband Simon doubles as a gallery to exhibit her paintings, just as her culinary art is displayed on each plate.’
    • ‘Carey's brand new CD also doubles as a soundtrack for her upcoming rookie endeavour into film, All That Glitters.’
    • ‘The newest hotel in York is doubling up as an archaeological store to protect some of the city's most important Roman remains.’
    • ‘And while it has the sleek good looks of a getaway car from a Bond film, it easily doubles as a family car for schlepping the kids.’
    • ‘The exception to the open-plan arrangement is a small wet room and snug sitting room that occasionally doubles up as a bedroom.’
    • ‘Other concepts explored include an interior window between the kitchen and dining room that doubles as a projection screen for television or movies.’
    • ‘The small shop doubles as the reception area and crammed into the back of the site is a burger van.’
    • ‘From here, there is access to the back hall and rear staircase - this area doubles as a utility room and has a selection of fitted presses and plumbing for a washing machine.’
    • ‘The writing desk in the corner doubles as the TV stand, and then on the right is a very small two person dining table.’
    function, do, serve, also serve
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    1. 3.1with object (of an actor) play (two parts) in the same piece.
      • ‘It wasn't like playing two different characters at all, but doubling the same one.’
    2. 3.2Music Play two or more musical instruments.
      • ‘In fact Ms. Cogle was one of the most impressive performers on stage, along with Andy Reiss who doubled on keyboards and also acted as musical director.’
      • ‘To add a variety of colors in the song cycle, the string players are asked to double on percussion instruments.’
      • ‘It is these characteristics that give these Mozart performances, with the violinist doubling as soloist and director of the OAE, such dash and vitality.’
    3. 3.3Music with object Add the same note in a higher or lower octave to (a note).
      • ‘Rearrangement of problematic chords or omission of doubled notes is worth consideration.’
      • ‘It concludes with hands together, each playing doubled notes, creating an impressive, loud bagpipe sound.’
      • ‘Where Mozart uses divided violas at the opening, he applauds ‘the care with which the harmony is disposed so as to avoid doubling the notes of the theme in the violins’.’


  • on the double

    • At running speed; very fast.

      ‘he disappeared on the double’
      • ‘We're ushered through at the double and there is little time to appreciate the metaphysical ambience.’
      • ‘Weren't they supposed to come running on the double, like on television?’
      • ‘Hawks began at the double and applied themselves to the task at hand with vim and vigour, taking all the early ball and constructing an effortless try in the process.’
      • ‘Time had to be made up, and the procession proceeded at the double.’
      • ‘Anguished reminders of how his professional football career ended flooded back at the double for Chris Short this week.’
      • ‘To climb these, at the double, in gale-force weather, must have been a terrifying experience, because at the top the sailors would have to climb outwards to reach the overhanging platform.’
      • ‘Later she wrote, ‘We ran up at the double, knowing that at the top was an army in battle formation.’’
      • ‘Reed's platoon moved straight through the city on the double, rushing past snipers and ambush locations.’
      • ‘Upbeat York City chairman John Batchelor is urging a new red and white army to invade Bootham Crescent - at the double.’
      • ‘Royal Navy Commanders Scott Verney and Tom Guy have developed a habit of doing things at the double.’
      very quickly, as fast as one's legs can carry one, at a run, at a gallop, hotfoot, on the double, fast, swiftly, rapidly, briskly, speedily, at high speed, with all speed, at speed, at full speed, at the speed of light, at full tilt, express, post-haste, as fast as possible, with all possible haste, like a whirlwind, like an arrow from a bow, at breakneck speed, expeditiously, madly, with dispatch
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  • double or nothing

    • A gamble to decide whether a loss or debt should be doubled or canceled.

      • ‘‘But I'll offer you double or quits this week when we play the Traders XI,’ Rod said.’
      • ‘So I lost, then I did it again, and again, and every time it was double or nothing.’
      • ‘J Fraser wants double or quits on the second-half restart, for goodness sake.’
      • ‘Clooney returned it, offering her double or quits by his 50th.’
      • ‘What was it, I ask the Minister - double or quits?’
      • ‘The next morning she flipped a coin, double or nothing for her taxi fare money.’
      • ‘Or swap routes on the way back and race for double or nothing.’
      • ‘He may even decide to play double or quits - and launch his own takeover bid for another media company.’
      • ‘‘Bet you double or nothing,’ he told Fitz, rubbing his hands together eagerly.’
      • ‘The real battle lines are going to be whether folks are ready to give up their SUVs NOW, or whether they want to roll double or nothing on even more extreme impacts in the future.’

Phrasal Verbs

  • double back

    • Go back in the direction one has come.

      ‘he had to double back to pick them up’
      • ‘Chris faked one direction and doubled back in the other, catching Selina by the arm and pulling her into him.’
      • ‘Don't double back like we did, doubting your map reading skills and silently cursing under your breath which by now is laboured from the constant up and down of your confused meander across the fields filled with cow pats.’
      • ‘I turn down whatever roads strike my fancy arbitrarily, trying not to double back, no direct U turns, but like any game you make up for yourself, there isn't much guilt when I have to break a rule.’
      • ‘The most impressive section was undoubtedly over Tower Bridge, with streams of yellow athletes crossing to the north side before doubling back to return to Bermondsey for the muscle-sapping final leg.’
      • ‘The group doubled back and went in the direction of the prison.’
      • ‘I took the next exit on the freeway, doubled back, and pulled up behind the truck.’
      • ‘We climbed on; and eventually, doubling back up the side of the hill and turning a corner, we arrived.’
      • ‘He doubled back to check up on him, but by the time he returned, the driver had gone, although the car was still there.’
      • ‘The trio complied by walking north but changed their minds and doubled back toward the other exit.’
      • ‘We crossed the crystal spring-fed water of Deep Gill and doubled back into the old woods of Birk Bank.’
      • ‘I don't mind covering four times the distance, zigzagging across the street and weaving through the throngs, I don't mind walking in the road, I don't mind taking back streets and doubling back: as long as I can keep moving.’
      • ‘This meant that I missed the first turn, had to turn around illegally, and double back, and I was nearly hit by an angry suburban commuter as I searched for the place to turn.’
      • ‘I quickly doubled back to the station to check the validity of the good news but no-one there had as much as a hint of it.’
      • ‘I do a bit of emergency map reading with the smallest and worst map in the world, and make a split-second decision to double back across two lines of traffic and cut cross-country till we're back on track.’
      • ‘They often had to double back and change direction due to cave-ins and blocked passages.’
      • ‘We doubled back to the hotel to see if the earlier dinner offer was still open.’
      • ‘They were seen on Sand Street and walking towards the town centre, before doubling back and heading towards the sports centre.’
      • ‘He then doubled back and again went the wrong way round the roundabout before turning down Bradford Road at speeds of up to 50 mph.’
      • ‘Every now and then he stops, disappears and doubles back on himself, reappearing behind a tree further down the track.’
      • ‘She finally told me she had been walking up and down Sukhumvit Road for miles in one direction and then doubling back.’
  • double down

    • 1(in blackjack) double a bet after seeing one's initial cards, with the requirement that one additional card be drawn.

      ‘the amount only increases when you choose to split or double down’
      ‘he doubled down on a pair and lost’
      • ‘When I double down, it's because based on the overall odds taking exactly one more blind card is likely to make me a winning hand.’
      • ‘On the next hand I was dealt a ten against the dealer's eight, and when I doubled down and hit a nine against the dealer's 17, I had made back $100 in about five minutes.’
      • ‘He paused and thought about doubling down, but seemed afraid to put out the extra money on such an insecure gamble.’
      • ‘To make sure, I asked the dealer if I could double down and she said, "You certainly can."’
      • ‘Players have been known to double down on a natural 21, or split tens hoping to get more money on the table.’
      • ‘The little old lady that I saw playing was patient enough to bet a single per roll and would never double down.’
      • ‘Play out the hand by hitting, standing, splitting and doubling down.’
      • ‘You can only double down on the first two cards.’
      • ‘Whenever you double down, you're making a tradeoff with the house.’
      • ‘There is a basic blackjack strategy card available at many casinos to help plan your play, such as when to split your cards or when to double down.’
      • ‘In blackjack, there are certain two card hands with which you must hit, double down, stand or split correctly to have a decent chance of winning.’
      • ‘Virtually every situation you can come up with in blackjack is covered - whether to hit, stand, split, or double down.’
      1. 1.1Strengthen one's commitment to a particular strategy or course of action, typically one that is potentially risky.
        ‘he decided to double down and escalate the war’
        ‘the third quarter of the year saw central banks doubling down on the quantitative easing approach’
        • ‘We are doubling down on diplomacy in the surrounding region.’
        • ‘He wants to double down on health care policies that will only work for the healthy and the wealthy.’
        • ‘We have to reverse those policies, not double down on them.’
        • ‘But now is the time to double down and actually make those investments so that when the recovery starts we're in a strong position and can take a share and be more successful than we were in the past.’
        • ‘Research shows that people with strong feelings of self-efficacy not only don't quit when problems arise, they double down and try harder.’
        • ‘At the same time, many employers who've had to kick in more money to keep pensions solvent doubled down on efforts to rid themselves of old plans.’
        • ‘If we continue to strengthen our focus, build on the alliances forged in the last year, and double down on key commitments shared in this room today, then we can ensure that this fight for dignity is never in question again.’
        • ‘We appear to be doubling down on a policy that has failed.’
        • ‘I'm betting that the bankers will, for the most part double down.’
        • ‘The company doubled down on its promotional activity by offering a $100 gift card with the purchase of any smartphone between August 14 and August 26th.’
        • ‘We're using this time right now to double down and try to fix some of our problems.’
  • double up

    • 1Bend over or curl up, typically because one is overcome with pain or mirth.

      ‘Billy started to double up with laughter’
      • ‘Then they got him plum in the back of the head, making him double up and sink to his knees in pain.’
      • ‘He doubled up in pain and she ran to Steve, grabbed him and then ran out of the room.’
      • ‘Considering the weight of much of the material, the slapstick tone of the performance is extraordinary, with Dylan doubling up with laughter during duets with earnest folk-queen Joan Baez.’
      • ‘Almost every week at least one customer would come into the shop doubled up with labour pains, to wait in the back room for Dad or one of the grocery boys to ring for a taxi to deliver her to St Helen's.’
      • ‘Jessie looked at Mitch, who was fighting with all his might not to double up with laughter.’
      • ‘He cried out again, a less intelligible scream, and doubled up with wave after abject wave of nauseating pain.’
      • ‘I can still see his face one night when he was laying in bed doubled up in pain, and crying because he thought he was going to die.’
      • ‘I almost doubled up in pain, but tried to keep some composure.’
      • ‘White, who was seeing a specialist today after doubling up in agony while delivering a bouncer to Mark Butcher, now faces another long spell out of cricket.’
      • ‘That helped her shoulder but hurt her stomach and she spent most of Friday night doubled up in pain.’
      • ‘The blonde scowled which made me double up with laughter.’
      • ‘Instead of reply Crystal kicked him in the stomach and Dave doubled up with pain.’
      • ‘Almost immediately he cried out, doubling up as the pain knifed through him.’
      • ‘A cry of ‘cheap shot’ from the field was clearly audible in the stand directly after an incident which saw Murray double up in pain, clutching his ribs.’
      • ‘My friends found her carefully-staged ‘concern’ hilarious - they couldn't tell the story without doubling up with laugher.’
      • ‘Customers and staff alike doubled up in gales of mirth and McIlrath fled empty-handed from the premises.’
      • ‘Ladies, the men in your life won't see a doctor until they're doubled up in pain - which may be too late.’
      • ‘After doubling up in agony with further rib problems on Sunday while bowling against Surrey in the National League match at The Oval, White said he would not be turning his arm over again for at least two or three weeks.’
      • ‘If Allison finds herself doubling up with stomach pain, or if she has a cramping sensation, this might be a good choice.’
      • ‘Shooting pains from my stomach caused me to double up.’
    • 2Share a room.

      ‘“Where's Jimmy going to sleep?” “He can double up with Bert.”’
      • ‘But Shrewsbury jail had 91 per cent of prisoners doubling up, Leicester had 89 per cent and Preston 84 per cent.’
      • ‘I check to see where the quick changes are and which cast members are doubling up, and then I make a plan.’
      • ‘One-fourth of them double up with other families in cramped living quarters.’
      • ‘A 34-year-old male discussed why he was no longer able to double up with family and had to move into a shelter.’
      • ‘The chronic lack of housing means some teachers have to double up and share quarters.’
      • ‘Frances Kent, a hotwalker who has lived at Laurel the past 15 years, said the consolidation of training sites will force track workers to double up in rooms that are only 11x12 feet.’
      • ‘‘We are cramped together and having to double up in rooms,’ he said.’
    • 3Use the winnings from a bet as stake for another bet.


Middle English: via Old French from Latin duplus (see duple). The verb is from Old French dobler, from late Latin duplare, from duplus.