Definition of dosshouse in English:



  • A cheap lodging house for homeless people and tramps.

    • ‘But I think he displays a real understanding and sympathy for his coster girls, criminals and dosshouse vagrants.’
    • ‘The couple were more or less packed and ready to head for the fleshpots when they received a second, more frantic, call from the custodian of their upper-market London dosshouse.’
    • ‘Built in 1883, it served a brief period as a dosshouse before its relaunch as part of this sophisticated hotel chain.’
    • ‘Cut through the politically correct hedging and you find that what the council really wants is an unregistered dosshouse for habitual and unrepentant drunks and dropouts who are likely to be violent and don't want to be helped.’
    • ‘The low-key manner is analytical, confiding, with a touch of the dosshouse philosopher engrossed in offbeat speculation.’