Definition of dosha in US English:



  • (in Ayurvedic medicine) each of three energies believed to circulate in the body and govern physiological activity.

    • ‘That is, it is appropriate for all doshas and a delicious meal for any season.’
    • ‘By optimizing our health through the skilful use of food, exercise and thinking, we balance and support the three vital energy forces, or doshas, of Vata, Pitta and Kapha.’
    • ‘When all of these doshas are perfectly in balance in an individual, it means that all the systems and activities of mind and body are functioning at optimal levels, and the individual, therefore, enjoys perfect health.’
    • ‘Once you have established your dosha, it is possible to use Ayurveda as a health manual, since it touches on all aspects of life, from preventative medicine, yoga and massage, to diet and even your beauty regime.’
    • ‘This natural internal state of balance is described in terms of an important Ayurvedic concept - the doshas.’
    • ‘Ayurveda holds that the body is governed by three basic biological principles, or doshas, that control the body's functions.’
    • ‘The book concludes with two highly useful appendices: the first on food guidelines for basic doshas, or constitutional types, and the second covering herbal remedies.’
    • ‘The foundation of Ayurvedic treatment is to put the inborn dosha back in balance when it veers too far one way or the other.’
    • ‘These doshas also govern the seasons of the year, with Pitta, the fire element, ruling the hot summer months.’
    • ‘According to Ayurvedic teaching, each of us has one of three doshas, or body types.’
    • ‘Patients are classified by body types, or prakriti, which are determined by proportions of the three doshas.’
    • ‘The three doshas of Indian medicine are present in exactly the same way.’
    • ‘The functioning of our body is governed by three doshas, which are kapha, pitta and vata.’
    • ‘According to Ayurvedic theory, the body is composed of three doshas or humours.’
    • ‘If you need to pacify one of these doshas, these aroma blends are a convenient and very pleasant way to balance your environment.’
    • ‘In this issue, you'll discover your dosha, deepen your life with Sadhana practice and meditation, give your partner a Thai massage, harmonize your diet, and discover the benefits of panchakarma.’
    • ‘Taking a person's pulse and telling them their dosha is unbalanced and they should eat more nuts or less spicy foods, etc., hardly shows concern for the patient as a person.’
    • ‘The combination of doshas determines our body's constitution, or prakruti, which governs how we respond to events in life, emotionally and physically.’
    • ‘Each of the tastes has an emotional and mental state associated with it as well; these qualities determine their effect on the doshas.’
    • ‘Tridosha defines the three fundamental doshas or principles that govern the function of our bodies on the physical, mental and emotional levels.’


Sanskrit doṣa, literally ‘fault, disease’.