Definition of doppelgänger in English:



  • An apparition or double of a living person.

    ‘he has been replaced by an evil doppelgänger’
    • ‘Has he had too many unconscious imitators or literary doppelgängers retroactively sapping his originality?’
    • ‘Along the way, he meets his doppelgänger at the toy store.’
    • ‘They'll visit young Abe's law office, stand in the crowd at the Lincoln-Douglas debates, and shuffle solemnly up to a coffin where a Lincoln doppelgänger lies in state.’
    • ‘So what happens if a winery produces both world-class Burgundian doppelgängers - Pinot Noir and Chardonnay (and throw in Riesling, too) - but is half a globe away?’
    • ‘Nestled deep within the human brain lies a pair of small, almond-shaped structures that bear the Greek name for their doppelgänger: amygdala.’
    • ‘His slow realizations of the genetic memories he shares with his sociopathic doppelgänger move the plot along in a not entirely conventional way.’
    • ‘As the novel unfolds, the opposed monologues of the mentor and his student betray these ‘co-conspirators in the story’ as grotesque doppelgängers, ‘partners in the performance.’’
    • ‘You did your best by suggesting that ‘John’ had a doppelgänger.’
    • ‘But it's a pretty fair guess that they'll give their Democratic doppelgänger a run for its money.’
    • ‘If the actress is merely a doppelgänger, you have not offended your cousin with the idea that you thought such a thing was possible.’
    • ‘The history of doppelgängers and doubles, you see, is intimately bound up with human mortality and the origins of image making.’
    • ‘Its doppelgänger among the desserts is the chocolate fundido, a sticky, spicy fondue of melted Oaxacan chocolate, served with a platter of cookies, churros, and fruit for dipping.’
    • ‘Among other syndromes, they mentioned doppelgängers or subjective doubles.’
    • ‘It is a compelling tale of doppelgängers and magicians.’
    • ‘While it was sweet to have little TV doppelgängers with perfect teeth and long sideburns running around posing as us, it wasn't that fulfilling.’
    • ‘‘Each actor had a different reaction to having his or her doppelgänger around,’ he says.’
    • ‘She has a doppelgänger who locks her up.’
    • ‘As such, video game enemies in sibling-based stories are more likely to be doppelgängers, shadows or doubles of the player-characters.’
    • ‘The answer, judging by last week's response to his modern-day doppelgänger, is that they would've embraced him even more warmly.’
    • ‘The plot is set in motion by a man who falls out of a 30-storey office building, and as he is falling past, people recognize the man as their doppelgänger, or alter ego.’
    spectre, phantom, wraith, spirit, soul, shadow, presence
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Mid 19th century: from German, literally ‘double-goer’.