Definition of dopey in US English:


(also dopy)

adjectivedopier, dopiest

  • 1Stupefied by sleep or a drug.

    ‘she was under sedation and a bit dopey’
    • ‘I was feeling sick, and dopey, from the cigarette, from lack of sleep, or from not being able to see the road ahead.’
    • ‘A head cold hit me like an anvil last week, and that usually means I'm going to feel too dopey or muddled to write a review.’
    • ‘I stumbled into work, bleary-eyed and dopey and at the first opportunity purchased a fruit juice smoothie from one of the hundreds of juice bars springing up all over the city.’
    • ‘A regime of painkilling drugs was prescribed to make her as comfortable as possible, and my only concern with this was that it made her very dopey, and not her usual bright and alert self.’
    • ‘With any luck I'll be out like a light (I'm feeling pretty dopey already after a hard weekend of traveling and drinking) and sleep through to 7.00 am.’
    • ‘Yeah, okay, that's enough to make anyone dopey.’
    • ‘All I had to do now was sleep for a while… and get rid of this dopey, woozy feeling so I could run.’
    • ‘Did we learn anything of value about our fellow human beings from the exercise, other than that they get dopey and argumentative when deprived of sleep for up to seven days?’
    • ‘As a personal observation, most heavy users have a dopey look about them.’
    • ‘This means I'm dopey (more than usual), grumpy and disorganised.’
    dazed, confused, muddled, befuddled, bewildered, disoriented, disorientated, stupefied, groggy, dizzy
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    1. 1.1 Idiotic.
      ‘did you ever hear such dopey names?’
      • ‘With its wobbly sets, sensationalist plots, appalling acting, crude camerawork and dopey dialogue it was uncannily reminiscent of bad soaps in general.’
      • ‘‘I've had it with these dopey little countries,’ he writes.’
      • ‘It looks like those dopey movies that we all grew up seeing on late-night TV.’
      • ‘Everybody has a couple of dopey musicals that they are happy to watch over and over while their friends wrinkle their noses and say, ‘You actually like this?’’
      • ‘He's just going to give up the anchor duties after this next election, and then he's going to hang around and do dopey specials, so he is not going to go anywhere.’
      • ‘So I'm dopey and filled with ego and I'll be damned if I'm going to admit defeat and switch to an off-the-shelf solution.’
      • ‘Puppets can't vote, but these dopey kids who watch you can.’
      • ‘He almost becomes one of the family, cheerfully going out gambling with her dopey, reprobate nephew.’
      • ‘It could have been a global energy powerhouse by now if its dopey directors of days gone by hadn't been so blinkered in their outlook when it came to oil and gas opportunities.’
      • ‘One former reporter recalls an incident when the senior magistrate of the area was sitting and a particularly dopey defendant was in the dock for a motoring offence.’
      • ‘It is not a dopey thing to tell yourself over and over again: I'm a good person, I'm a worthwhile person, I can be successful, I'm good enough to do this.’
      • ‘Not only had I failed in my duties, but some other guy - a dopey, shifty guy we both knew - had sent her flowers with a card attached.’
      • ‘It's such a fiercely unique movie, uncompromising in its visual excitement, that we're inclined to overlook the slightly dopey plot and shaky acting.’
      • ‘This dress is actually fairly dopey looking.’
      • ‘Still, I couldn't help but feel that I sounded dopey.’
      • ‘What is not so dopey, however, is the alternative notion that his one-foot-in-front-of-the-other approach is not only strategic, but actually quite shrewd.’
      • ‘The dopey scene, in which her lady-in-waiting, Alice, teaches her English, has been powerfully reinterpreted, with Katherine using her newly acquired vocabulary to taunt her guards.’
      • ‘It's a dopey collector who doesn't get them already.’
      • ‘The song is pretty good, until the middle, which has this dopey spoken/sung part that's very clumsy.’
      • ‘I know that's dopey, and certainly not very hip.’
      stupid, foolish, senseless, brainless, mindless, idiotic, imbecilic, imbecile, insane, lunatic, asinine, ridiculous, ludicrous, absurd, preposterous, silly, inane, witless, half-baked, empty-headed, unintelligent, half-witted, slow-witted, weak-minded
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