Definition of dookie in US English:


(also dooky)


North American
  • Excrement.

    ‘dog dookie’
    figurative ‘we're in some deep dookie, folks’
    • ‘That's a giant bucket of steaming dookie.’
    • ‘Their mud- and dookie-slinging only ended up boomeranging.’
    • ‘Last night the team looked like pan-fried dookie.’
    • ‘The software is dookie and has low replay value or nostalgia.’
    • ‘I will give them credit for their large portions, but that matters little when the food tastes like dookie.’
    • ‘It was whispered that this mystery man had walked into a dealership, spotted a dookie brown, two-door, convertible coupe, and plopped down fifty stacks for it.’
    • ‘He's looking like dookie but you have to remember, the guy isn't even close to 100%.’
    • ‘The only thing I caught up there was bird dookie.’
    • ‘New research has uncovered an unlikely culprit: guano, or as we prefer to call it, bird dookie.’


1960s: origin unknown.