Definition of done in English:



  • 1

    past participle of do
    1. 1.1US informal Used as a nonstandard past tense of do.
      ‘I done a lot of rodeoin'’
    2. 1.2US informal Used with a standard past tense verb to indicate absoluteness or completion.
      ‘I done told you to zipper your lips’


  • 1(of food) cooked thoroughly.

    ‘the turkey will be done soon’
    • ‘If food is not done when you take it out of the oven you can always return it to the oven for additional time.’
    • ‘Add four tablespoons of water and cook, uncovered, until the cabbage is done but still crisp.’
    • ‘Curl up in front of the TV with your own bowl of this much-loved comfort food favourite, done my way.’
    • ‘Drain each batch as it is done and eat whilst cooking the next batch.’
    • ‘I sat down at the table and when the food was done, he pulled it out and sat it in front of me and then sat down.’
    • ‘When the food was done, she put some in two bowls and carried them into the living room.’
    • ‘Our hot dogs were soon done and we sat down on a blanket by the fire together, eating our lunch.’
    cooked, ready, cooked through, tender, crisp, browned
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    1. 1.1 No longer happening or existing.
      ‘her hunting days were done’
      over, at an end, finished, ended, concluded, terminated, no more, extinct, dead, run, gone, dead and gone, dead and buried, forgotten, over and done with, a thing of the past, in the past, ancient history
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  • 2informal Socially acceptable.

    ‘therapy was not the done thing then’
    • ‘It is not the done thing to listen to music through headphones.’
    • ‘It is not the done thing in the upper class circles of public schools and gentlemen's clubs to put the boot in so crudely.’
    • ‘It is also apparently not the done thing for staff members to laze about on the lawns openly staring at the girls.’
    • ‘It's not the done thing to grab something off a stranger in the supermarket just so you can check it out, is it?’
    • ‘In populations where drinking cows' milk is not the done thing, lactose intolerance is still the norm.’
    • ‘He's assured me that it's not the done thing to drink at lunchtime these days, but I'm not so sure.’
    • ‘When I was growing up it just was not the done thing for a woman to smoke outdoors.’
    • ‘A percentage tip left on the bar in a pub is not the done thing - although in a bar or club it's fine.’
    • ‘He has worked in the media for more than twenty years, and he knows, or should know, the way the world is now and what is not the done thing.’
    proper, seemly, decorous, decent, respectable, right, correct, in order, suitable, fit, fitting, befitting, appropriate, apt
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  • Used to indicate that the speaker accepts the terms of an offer.

    ‘“I'll give ten to one he misses by a mile!” called Reilly. “Done,” said the conductor’
    agreed, settled, all right, very well, that's a bargain, accepted, right
    you're on, ok, okay, oke, okey-dokey, okey-doke
    righto, righty-ho
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