Definition of dogtrot in English:



  • 1[in singular] A gentle easy trot.

  • 2A breezeway connecting two cabins.

    • ‘The dog-trot and the house's linear form allow for natural ventilation, while additional indoor/outdoor spaces expand the house's 2010 square feet to maximize year-round enjoyment of the high-Piedmont climate.’
    • ‘From the auto court, that sequence begins with passage through a narrow dogtrot bookended by two single-car garages that resemble stylized machine sheds.’


  • Move at a dogtrot.

    • ‘She came to a path that slowly climbed out of the gully and dog-trotted along it until she came to a sharp drop and another steep cliff, where the path disappeared.’
    • ‘Helmeted troops with semi-automatic rifles dog-trotted into the tunnel as others secured the entrance.’
    • ‘Reefered sailors dog-trotted up and down the long iron decks, flapped their cold arms against their bodies and dared not pull off their mittens to blow their noses.’