Definition of dogsbody in US English:


nounPlural dogsbodies

  • A person who is given boring, menial tasks to do.

    ‘I got myself a job as typist and general dogsbody on a small magazine’
    • ‘Pity the poor dogsbody whose job it is to deliver the trophy in time for a post-match presentation at either Ibrox or Rugby Park.’
    • ‘In early 1997, I applied to sit an exam to become a copyboy, a now extinct species of dogsbodies who once did everything journos couldn't be bothered doing.’
    • ‘‘I decided to stay in the kitchen, rather than become a dogsbody in a hotel,’ said Kim.’
    • ‘He begins his story as the dogsbody of a big-time lawyer prosecuting a Roman senator for corruption.’
    • ‘I became head of current affairs, BBC Television Northern Ireland, which sounds grand but I was basically a dogsbody.’
    • ‘There were eight divers on my boat, and three non-divers as dogsbodies.’
    • ‘They soon moved in together, falling easily into stereotypical roles, he as the dominant decision-maker, she as general dogsbody.’
    • ‘I started work as a dogsbody in a small City advertising agency at £13 pounds 10 shillings a week, and rented a room in Crouch End for £5 a week.’
    • ‘The author has also previously worked as a chambermaid, a waitress and an office dogsbody in Friends of the Earth.’
    • ‘I reminded myself that I am professionally qualified and thus have more purpose than to act as personal assistant, clerk, typist and dogsbody to anybody.’
    • ‘People seem to think we're here to drop everything when they need something, to take the blame for other people's bad behaviour and to generally take the role of dogsbody.’
    • ‘It's a funny old job - part teacher, part substitute mum or dad, part social worker and part dogsbody.’
    • ‘As the general dogsbody for the radio station, I'd been sent out to drag the stars back to our mobile studio, where they would be interviewed on air.’
    • ‘Instead of having a position of any responsibility I was the bottom of the bottom, the general dogsbody.’
    • ‘We work with individual children, but we are treated as dogsbodies.’
    • ‘When I was 18 I landed a job as an exhibitions dogsbody at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.’
    • ‘His only employment for the whole of his life was as a menial dogsbody in various Catholic Hospitals.’
    • ‘I worked for nothing, was the office dogsbody, but I learned a lot, explained Rory.’
    • ‘Barry, are you the office dogsbody who ends up doing the rubbish jobs the other hacks can't be bothered with?’
    • ‘He's a bit of a dogsbody really - Ray and Gene send him on all of the rubbish jobs.’
    drudge, menial, menial worker, factotum, man of all work, maid of all work, servant, slave, galley slave, lackey, underling, minion
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