Definition of Dogrib in US English:



  • 1A member of a Dene people of northwestern Canada.

    • ‘Aboriginally, the several socioterritorial groups or regional bands of Dogribs were autonomous.’
    • ‘The Dogribs and other Athapaskan tribes no longer had to send their furs through Chipewyan middlemen or travel long distances to Hudson Bay to trade.’
    • ‘After that the Dogribs paddled quietly up the Greygoose River, and meekly returned to their woodland home.’
    • ‘No one among the Dogribs broke out to do any fancy dancing, - the accompaniment was by voice only.’
    • ‘Then, most Dogribs were still not speaking English and had no concept of the country called Canada.’
  • 2The Athabaskan language of the Dogrib.


  • Relating to the Dogrib or their language.

    • ‘There are a growing number of Dogrib individuals in leadership positions in their communities and in Yellowknife.’
    • ‘Native Indians from the Dogrib First Nations community in Canada were demonstrating their ancient lore and traditions in Stromness on Saturday afternoon.’
    • ‘In 1959, she joined a colleague for five months of fieldwork, beginning a 25-year focus on Dogrib ethnography and a research partnership that produced several influential and important articles, books, and reports.’
    • ‘In 2001, an Inuit hunter from Baker Lake, two Yellowknife hunters from Dettah, and two Dogrib hunters from Fort Rae were also surveyed during this period.’
    • ‘It was followed by Dene, Inuktitut, Slavey, Dogrib and Ojibway translations.’


Translation of Dogrib Thlingchadinne ‘dog's flank’, from the legend that the people's common ancestor was a dog.