Definition of dogcatcher in US English:



  • 1An official or employee who rounds up and impounds stray dogs in a community.

    Also called dog warden
    • ‘I had them call the dogcatcher and send him to the animal shelter for the night, and in the morning I went and picked him up.’
    • ‘A Republican couldn't get elected dogcatcher in this town.’
    • ‘‘I don't know if there are any cities with dogcatchers in Europe,’ he said.’
    • ‘At the sight of the dogcatchers, dogs ran in all directions trying to escape, many ran into homes, shops and the nearby scrubland.’
    • ‘He stared out at them like a puppy in a dogcatcher's truck.’
    • ‘The town cannot find anyone to be a dogcatcher, even though it increases the pay from $18 to $25.’
    • ‘They all live in a hick town called Beaver, where the local dogcatcher falls for the hairdresser.’
    • ‘As it stands now, the politically backed method of dealing with street dogs is a ‘cleaning phase’, a round up by dogcatchers, though there is an agreement that they will not take sterilized or collared dogs.’
    • ‘Pre-exposure vaccination is recommended to people at continued risk such as veterinarians, laboratory persons, dogcatchers, forest officials, etc.’
    • ‘‘I'm too old to keep a dog,’ she says to the dogcatcher as he is leaving with a brown mutt that showed up on her doorstep.’
    • ‘She was a four-month old stray, a street urchin who'd been picked up by a dogcatcher.’
    • ‘People are running for judge, county commissioner, school board, dogcatcher, coroner, and they are all strangers to me.’
    • ‘After running away from some big black dogs, Ping is caught by a muscle-headed dogcatcher and sent to the pound.’
    • ‘Since none of these parties has the slightest chance of capturing an office higher than municipal dogcatcher, you'll never have to kick yourself when your dream candidate proves wretched once in power.’
    • ‘Then there's the city dogcatcher Herman and his dog, Rot.’
    • ‘The White Akita is the reason parents don't let their children run around, the reason there are so many maulings, the reason even the dogcatchers are in the obituaries.’
    1. 1.1informal A low-level political official.