Definition of DOE in English:


  • Department of Energy.

Definition of doe in English:



  • 1A female deer.

    • ‘Following a path without caring where it led as he pondered, he was brought up short when a doe and her young fawn scrambled quickly to their feet and bounded off.’
    • ‘I could tell the deer was a doe; there were no antlers or antler buds that would indicate a buck.’
    • ‘Last year, most of the mule deer doe were without fawns, even those doe that dropped their fawns for years within a few yards of our house.’
    • ‘The doe and fawn are doing well under the observation of a veterinary officer.’
    • ‘An hour or so before dusk, a big fat whitetail doe sauntered into the small clearing unaware of my presence as I was hidden from view by the ferns.’
    1. 1.1A female of certain other animal species, such as hare, rabbit, rat, ferret, or kangaroo.
      • ‘Since my sweetest doe of all times produced my meanest buck of all times, I'd say that it is possible for things to go the other way around on an individual rabbit basis.’
      • ‘Occasionally, a doe will fail to conceive on schedule, but well-bred rabbits are dependable.’


Old English dā, of unknown origin.