Definition of dockside in US English:



  • The area immediately adjacent to a dock.

    • ‘On deck I found the gangplank and made it to the safety of the dockside.’
    • ‘Dale eyed the gap between the dockside and the boat warily.’
    • ‘All that day and all the day following, Port Haven was scoured from top to bottom, from the smallest closet to the tiniest dockside dory.’
    • ‘This tanker rusts by the dockside, a shell, a poetic heap of oxidation and thought.’
    • ‘As the Corinthian soldiers immediately snapped to attention, each Paladamian ship made its way slowly to the dockside.’
    • ‘At the end of the Cold War, Russia was left with nearly 200 nuclear submarines rusting at the dockside.’
    • ‘It is the largest dockside casino in the Shreveport area.’
    • ‘A pet that appears to be having a heat stroke can be doused with seawater, or sprayed with a dockside hose to cool him off quickly.’
    • ‘The company transports cargo between the dockside and moored ships.’
    • ‘Arriving at the dockside, you are reminded of the sheer bulk of the ship.’
    • ‘He turned slowly around the room, getting used to the feel of the boat again, with subtle hum of the engines, and the gentle tug as she moved away from the moorings at dockside.’
    • ‘Evan came with us to the dockside, having previously checked which of the great hulls looming against the skyline was the Dover ferry.’
    • ‘Manoeuvring the boat into the dockside, for instance, is one time when pleasantries will not be appreciated.’
    • ‘The new dockside casino will be connected to the property's existing pavilion in a seamless manner, providing a land-based feel for the property.’
    • ‘The dockside charging station was the size of a telephone booth.’
    • ‘It is a typical dockside area and is unique in retaining its feel.’
    • ‘While dockside or at anchor, the back of the helm seat may be flipped forward to make a U-shaped settee for entertaining.’
    • ‘I was keen to capitalise on their dockside location.’
    • ‘The boat, of the kind that takes tourists for trips and parties, is moored next to the dockside by the Las Palmas Building.’
    • ‘The dockside gaming provision went into effect immediately.’