Definition of doc in English:


  • 1Doctor.

    • ‘But the best humor advice is to shamelessly steal material from my fellow docs, nurses and patients as well.’
    • ‘The doc stared at the psychotic girl who was yammering away at him.’
    • ‘I attended a talk by a doc from the medical group just two days back.’
    • ‘And when the docs who are getting reimbursed by the federal government practice defensive medicine, it runs up the cost to the taxpayers.’
    • ‘Quick doc, my friend has just been bit by a black snake, what do I do?’
    • ‘Your first step is to get a physical by your family doc to make sure the symptoms aren't related to some other problem.’
    • ‘Instead, you can ask your new doc all those teen health-related questions.’
    • ‘After a quick evaluation, I got a clean bill of health from the docs, who told me I'd be released the following morning.’
    • ‘Others have physical problems that traditional docs haven't been able to cure.’
    • ‘There is no service option to talk to the doc covering your physician's practice on call.’
    • ‘The alarming trend for desperate medical sector docs and surgeons to reduce waiting lists by doing non-urgent but easy procedures first is life threatening and wrong.’
    • ‘Some of those crazy quack docs had me taking plenty of these at one point in time, let me tell you!’
    • ‘Need I point out that they provided better health care than my current doc does?’
    • ‘Its effects are minor, and no good pulmonary doc or allergist I know of would use it as a first-line controller.’
    • ‘If you take him to a psychiatrist and the doc wants to give him medication right off the bat, you can always turn around and go home.’
    • ‘At our pediatrics clinic, docs are making sure the infants with a history of lung disease get the influenza vaccine - the most vulnerable, first.’
    • ‘The study was small (59 primary care docs and 65 surgeons) so I truly question its validity.’
    • ‘Japanese national health insurance is such that for each bill from the doc, you pay 30% and the government pays the rest.’
    • ‘I know of a few docs in Chicago who practice this technique.’
    • ‘We need to do something about these frivolous lawsuits that are running up the cost of your health care and running good docs out of business.’
    physician, medical practitioner, medical man, medical woman, clinician, doctor of medicine, md
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  • 2Computing

    • ‘I converted all my constantly used docs and spreadsheets to the suite's native file format.’
    • ‘I tried opening a couple of MS Word docs and a couple of MS Excel docs, and on each occasion StarOffice crashed fatally.’
    • ‘And although PDF firmly entrenched itself as an information vessel, handling PDF docs is not always an easy thing.’
    • ‘I decided to surf to the NSA site to look at some docs and possibly acquire the downloads concerning SE Linux.’
    • ‘For people like me who are involved in general research, there are some weeks when locked docs with missing passwords seem to be a way of life.’