Definition of do someone wrong in US English:

do someone wrong


  • Treat someone unjustly.

    ‘he sought revenge against those who had done him wrong’
    • ‘She is a woman who lives to kill for justice and to have her revenge against a man who did her wrong.’
    • ‘She isn't locked into the past either, where she's haunted by ghosts of ex-lovers who did her wrong.’
    • ‘Wickham also says that he will not run away from Darcy because he has no reason to be afraid since Darcy is the one who has done him wrong.’
    • ‘Forget tearjerkers and 'He done me wrong' flicks.’
    • ‘Bombarded with stories about unscrupulous corporate executives and the employees they done wrong, workers begin to gaze warily at their own managers.’
    • ‘One day you will no longer care - much - that they both did you wrong.’
    • ‘What was even worse was hearing women thank their doctors, who, in my opinion, had really done them wrong.’
    • ‘He hasn't done me wrong so far.’
    • ‘I have a terrible nail-biting habit, and constantly bite and pick at them as if they done me wrong.’
    • ‘In this difficult environment, one would expect Irish artists to be spending most of their time writing angry lyrics about how the record industry done them wrong before hanging up their guitars and putting on interview suits.’