Definition of do-it-yourself in US English:


adjective & noun

  • as noun ‘she had real talent for do-it-yourself’
    full form of DIY
    as adjective ‘easy-to-use materials and do-it-yourself kits for plumbing fittings’
    • ‘We will see widespread bypassing of the new requirements for do-it-yourself projects.’
    • ‘This characteristic is usually pointed out in catalogues, on garden center signage or marked on the pack of bulbs bought at do-it-yourself stores and supermarkets.’
    • ‘Women say they enjoy do-it-yourself projects for a variety of reasons.’
    • ‘Parents worried that their children are taking drugs have turned to £12 do-it-yourself testing kits.’
    • ‘Welcome back to the show, where we take on a do-it-yourself task that you can do in just two days.’
    • ‘Improving acoustics isn't usually a do-it-yourself project.’
    • ‘For anyone who owns a home, do-it-yourself projects are a fact of life.’
    • ‘Plans and kits are available, but they are not easy do-it-yourself projects and require experience in working with masonry.’
    • ‘Right now I have in my hot little hands, Australia's first do-it-yourself dog cloning kit.’
    • ‘Over the past 15 years do-it-yourself projects as a share of overall spending have declined, according to the report.’
    • ‘If you are a relative newcomer to do-it-yourself projects, follow the construction steps presented here and seek help whenever you are unsure of the details.’
    • ‘At the other end of the market are drive-in, do-it-yourself shops, which tend to be run-down and ill-lit.’
    • ‘As do-it-yourself kits for decorative articles had been offered since 1976, amateur carvers and turners tried to fill the gap.’
    • ‘Most materials are priced at least half of what they'd fetch in do-it-yourself stores.’
    • ‘Despite the influence of global mass communications and mass culture, Finland's do-it-yourself art is alive, well and thriving.’
    • ‘It's spring - that means it's time to tackle do-it-yourself projects.’
    • ‘Britain's second-largest chain of do-it-yourself stores could soon be about to change hands.’
    • ‘Although tools can be fun, and can open doors to new and interesting do-it-yourself projects, always keep in mind that they should never be treated as toys.’
    • ‘Well, first of all, it is a completely amateur and do-it-yourself activity.’
    • ‘Hackers are moving much faster, thanks in part to do-it-yourself worm creation kits.’



/ˌdu ət ʃərˈsɛlf/