Definition of diviner in US English:



  • See divine

    • ‘It was here in the 19th century that the famous Xhosa prophet and diviner Nxele attempted a resurrection.’
    • ‘They ask soothsayers and diviners to find out the cause of problems and to suggest remedies.’
    • ‘When this happens, the help of a diviner or herbalist is sought.’
    • ‘A number of people are recognized as clairvoyants and diviners, working sometimes within and sometimes outside the Christian churches.’
    • ‘Every decision surrounding the production was made after Norbu carefully consulted with yogis, oracles and diviners.’
    fortune teller, clairvoyant, crystal gazer, visionary, psychic, seer, soothsayer, prognosticator, prophesier, prophet, prophetess, oracle, sibyl, sage, wise man, wise woman
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