Definition of dividend in US English:



  • 1A sum of money paid regularly (typically quarterly) by a company to its shareholders out of its profits (or reserves).

    • ‘No dividend payment will be carried out and the profit will go for reserves.’
    • ‘Last month, Allstate paid a quarterly dividend of 32 cents a share, boosting your take to $320.’
    • ‘The firm will pay an interim dividend of 4.5 cents per share, a 12.5 per cent increase over last year.’
    • ‘All too often, dividend cheques are just deposited into our bank accounts and spent.’
    • ‘After asking for yet more Government money and then considering paying dividends to shareholders, this is the last straw.’
    • ‘South China plans to pay a final dividend of 55 cents per share.’
    • ‘Earnings per share were 1.9 HK cents and no final dividend was declared.’
    • ‘In its June announcement, Baltimore's board proposed the return of cash via a special dividend to shareholders.’
    • ‘The company proposed an interim dividend of 0.05 yuan per share.’
    • ‘The smaller dividend payout ratio indicates that the Group is conserving cash for expansion and reducing debt.’
    • ‘Most companies distribute dividends to shareholders every three or six months.’
    • ‘At the same time, the set-top box maker declared a 33 % increase to its regular quarterly cash dividend.’
    • ‘Ameritrade shareholders would receive a special cash dividend of $6 per share.’
    • ‘With this strategy, you chose securities that pay a high level of dividends or coupon payments.’
    • ‘Tax exemptions on dividend payments from pension funds have been scrapped.’
    • ‘Growth and income funds planned to provide some capital growth and some dividend income.’
    • ‘Each member also earns annual dividends based on the cooperative's profits.’
    • ‘The ratio is calculated as earnings per share divided by the dividend per share.’
    • ‘This has boosted the bargaining power of the unions, which can now pay dividends to their member cooperatives.’
    • ‘Shareholders will receive a special dividend of N $5.50 a share, to be paid out on 15 March.’
    profit, earnings, income, advantage, benefit, reward, emolument, yield, return, winnings, receipts, proceeds, interest, percentage, takings
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    1. 1.1 A payment divided among a number of people, e.g., members of a cooperative or creditors of an insolvent estate.
      • ‘A hat-trick looks a fair bet and backing McCoy's rides in the second, third, fourth and fifth races in combination bets should pay dividends.’
      • ‘Other funds have been used to invest in local schools or paid out as cash dividends to Torra's members.’
      • ‘Indeed, payment of dividends could begin as early as next year, with holders of preferred stock receiving the first dividend payments.’
      • ‘Among the dividends provided by the Public Choice Center, solitude to plow one's own furrow was distinctly absent.’
      • ‘Blue Sun is already planning to make its first dividend payment to co-op members.’
    2. 1.2 An individual's share of a dividend.
      • ‘However, at present, we are boosting our long-term returns by reinvesting our dividends into yet more shares.’
      • ‘I still have a few more to find, because I tend to take my dividend income in shares, as many long-term investors do.’
      • ‘The funds invest in shares that pay high dividends, such as banks and utilities.’
      • ‘Assume that you reinvest your dividends and capital gains payouts in shares of the fund.’
      • ‘Under your plan, upper-income individuals also lose their tax cuts for capital gains and dividends.’
      • ‘Second, if you are getting dividends on your shares, there is a withholding tax on them.’
      • ‘By using our dividends to buy more shares now, we will benefit when those shares rise in value.’
      • ‘The angel has a 10% equity stake in the company and receives dividends on those shares.’
      • ‘These are schemes operated by companies that allow investors to re-invest their cash dividends in shares.’
      • ‘Once the corporate tax is paid, dividends received by individuals are tax-free.’
      • ‘Note also that the loss of the tax credit is only applicable to dividends paid on shares.’
      share, portion, percentage, premium, return, payback, gain, surplus, profit
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    3. 1.3dividends A benefit from an action or policy.
      ‘persistence pays dividends’
      • ‘Establishing personal relationships pays dividends simply because people enjoy recognition.’
      • ‘He admitted some people would not grasp why it was being done - but ‘if people can get to work on time it will probably pay dividends.’’
      • ‘Listening to children isn't only the right thing to do, it might actually pay dividends here.’
      • ‘Careful diction also pays dividends in ‘Pascual the Shepherd’, another poem in which alcohol and sex figure.’
      • ‘And though, inevitably, there are nerves, he is confident that the hard work of the past 18 months will pay dividends.’
      • ‘"It is a change that will reap big dividends in future years," predicted Mr Hayes.’
      • ‘And that's all it is, one giant performance after another in hopes their proficient thespian skills will pay dividends in the long run.’
      • ‘Our research shows that where groups are tightly defined and disadvantage is concentrated, targeting that group pays dividends.’
      • ‘The end of the Cold War brought about a peace dividend in the form of reduced budgets and manpower.’
      • ‘He said: ‘We are absolutely delighted with the results and it has proved our strategy that targeting seats pays dividends.’’
      • ‘When imitation becomes obsession, it's normally a destructive force, but, sometimes it pays dividends.’
      • ‘This prestigious prize paid immediate dividends, ranking him among the elite.’
      • ‘Careful cultivation of the UN pays dividends, like the need to present its policies abroad in a more reassuring manner.’
      • ‘Online bargain hunting can really pay dividends too.’
      • ‘At last these efforts have begun to pay dividends.’
      • ‘Efforts to work with mothers-in-law and other family members may yield higher dividends in the short term.’
      • ‘‘There is a huge psychological effect if you are scrummaging well, which pays dividends in every other aspect of your play,’ he said.’
      • ‘However, I'm now a convert and I think it pays dividends.’
      • ‘No, my policy of sticking to clear spirits pays dividends.’
      • ‘Darren's dogged perseverance has finally, after years of thankless effort, begun to pay dividends.’
      benefit, advantage, gain, bonus, extra, added extra, plus, fringe benefit, additional benefit
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  • 2Mathematics
    A number to be divided by another number.

    • ‘If either the dividend's or the divisor's mantissa has more digits than the value of F, the higher value will be used instead of F.’
    • ‘symbol from the dividend should be a multiple of the divisor.’


Late 15th century (in the general sense ‘portion, share’): from Anglo-Norman French dividende, from Latin dividendum ‘something to be divided’, from the verb dividere (see divide).