Definition of diver in English:



  • 1A person or animal that dives, in particular.

    • ‘Although they are considered divers, they often feed by dabbling.’
    • ‘The Emperor penguin is an exceptional diver and can stay submerged for 18 minutes and dive as deep as 500 meters.’
    • ‘A diver, the Greater Scaup catches its food under water, but eats it on the surface.’
    • ‘Weddell seals and emperor penguins are both champion divers, with similar modifications to both oxygen stores and use rates.’
    • ‘Well, we do know that there have been penguin-like, wing-propelled divers in the northern hemisphere for at least 40 million years.’
    • ‘These divers also supplement their piscine diet with frogs and aquatic insects.’
    • ‘They are exceptional divers and, unlike other diving ducks, can take off from the water without running along the surface.’
    • ‘Sea ducks like scoters and eiders are also divers.’
    • ‘Little grebes are persistent divers, either slipping below without surface disturbance or with a vigorous jump, creating a shower with lobed feet.’
    • ‘Lesser Scaups are divers, and can be very active when feeding.’
    • ‘As divers, Canvasbacks usually find food under water but will also feed at the surface.’
    • ‘As I mentioned above, pond or lake ducks fall into one of two categories: divers or dabblers.’
    • ‘Another champion diver, the elephant seal can dive more than 1500 meters and stay under for two hours.’
    • ‘Aquatic lissamphibians are neither very active nor deep divers.’
    1. 1.1 A person who dives as a sport.
      ‘an Olympic diver’
      • ‘Many technical divers do their dive in advance without leaving the sofa.’
      • ‘Drift dives are almost always done from a boat, which drops divers in the water at the entry point.’
      • ‘A coach who trained Olympic divers has died suddenly less then a week before his 70th birthday.’
      • ‘Fortunately, serious medical problems are not common in recreational scuba divers.’
      • ‘As you swim through, your image is reflected from the ceiling, where previous divers ' bubbles have collected.’
      • ‘The novice wreck diver will not be spooked, as no torch is required inside much of this wreckage.’
      • ‘An experienced deep-sea diver from Greater Manchester drowned after running out of air, an inquest was told.’
      • ‘Their coloration and daily spawning make them a favorite among divers visiting the Caribbean.’
      • ‘Properly equipped certified cave divers may obtain the key from the nearby dive shop.’
      • ‘At this time, the stationary diver swims to buddy and signals need for gas.’
      • ‘A diver visiting from Madrid tells me that in these conditions, Montoya is even better.’
      • ‘There is something for everyone, from newly qualified divers through to experienced wreck explorers.’
      • ‘Most of them are experienced divers looking for clear water and shipwrecks to explore.’
      • ‘On overseas trips I meet many British divers who don't dive at home.’
      • ‘Something makes it possible for the pool and diver to exist, and makes a perfect dive possible.’
      • ‘The reef face is pockmarked by some fairly deep caves where only qualified cave divers should venture.’
      • ‘Jan was bemused that few of the divers on our boat talked about what they had seen on the dive.’
      • ‘Each time, the divers dove from higher cliffs until they reached the very top.’
      • ‘Certification is the first trial every diver must face.’
      • ‘Available only to certified open-water scuba divers, instructional and safety lessons are provided prior to your dive.’
    2. 1.2 A person who wears a diving suit to work under water.
      ‘a diver at the oil terminal’
      ‘a police diver’
      • ‘Police divers have taken their first look at the wreck, with Sergeant Glenn McPhee saying it's a high probability it is the Princess.’
      • ‘Again a number of devices were found, divers descended attaching lines and bringing the mines aboard.’
      • ‘They need to bring in an extra crane to help clear some of that debris before they want to put more divers down in the water.’
      • ‘They've sent divers out into the water, but so far, with all that muck and debris in there, they've only been able to see about five feet down.’
      • ‘It was possible that the U.S. had their own divers out in the water on counter-insurgence missions.’
      • ‘Her passport, mobile telephone, trainers and handbag were found by police divers in Barmston Drain.’
      • ‘Navy clearance divers, now members of TAG / East come ashore at Garden Island during anti-terrorist exercises.’
      • ‘The ship's clearance divers recently destroyed three piles of Japanese shells using red detonating cord.’
      • ‘Members of the fire service's water rescue team also joined the search before police underwater divers turned out at 10.30 pm.’
      • ‘And a rescue diver in the Coast Guard helicopter offered to take Jefferson, but he declined.’
      • ‘Rescue divers jumped into the 2,000-gallon saltwater tank on Monday night and hauled him up.’
      • ‘Police divers found a 9mm self-loading pistol at the bottom of a river in Co Limerick in December.’
      • ‘Rescue workers struggled for hours to free victims and police divers searched downstream for survivors and bodies.’
      • ‘The skipper treads water as a Navy diver waits for a line to be thrown from the Oryx helicopter.’
      • ‘For safety reasons, professional divers were employed for the job.’
      • ‘This week, police divers joined the operation, swimming through the river's cold, dark waters searching for clues.’
      • ‘Police divers have been searching lakes and ponds for clues to the disappearance of a missing dad.’
      • ‘Police divers and forensic officers were at the canal yesterday as the Force helicopter made several sweeps of the area.’
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    British term for loon