Definition of divaricate in English:



[NO OBJECT]technical, literary
  • Stretch or spread apart; diverge widely.

    • ‘The Jurassic Mytilus furcatus Münster has finely nodose, moderately divaricating costae over the whole shell.’
    • ‘Opportunities and pursuing things that are different from the norm - not divaricating in other directions - are fundamental to Martens's approach.’
    • ‘The fuzzy outlines of divaricating plants like coprosma virescens and low grasses should always be placed with bolder foliage for an exciting contrast.’
    branch, split, divide, subdivide, separate, part, diverge, go in different directions, go separate ways, bifurcate, split in two
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  • (of a branch) coming off the stem almost at a right angle.

    branching, branched, diverging, y-shaped, v-shaped, pronged, divided, split, separated
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Early 17th century: from Latin divaricat- stretched apart from the verb divaricare, from di- (expressing intensive force) + varicare stretch the legs apart (from varicus straddling).