Definition of disunited in US English:



  • Lacking unity.

    ‘a disunited nation’
    • ‘Language was used as an emblem of a bond that brought together otherwise disunited cultural factions.’
    • ‘Then the sons of nobles scattered in four directions, disunited, in search of land.’
    • ‘They are, presently, more disunited than Kurds.’
    • ‘As a sectional interest Austrian industry was fragmented and disunited with little influence over the conduct of economic policy.’
    • ‘Numbers 10 and 11 Downing Street look as disunited on this defining issue as they have done for some considerable time.’
    • ‘They are more numerous, but they are also weak and disunited.’
    • ‘The WCO was soliciting support from disunited countries for some time during and after the Ten-Year War.’
    • ‘Combat in the depth of enemy defenses is normally waged in several places simultaneously by disunited groups.’
    • ‘They are for a single market, but a politically disunited Europe.’
    • ‘We are so easily pitted against each other; divided, disunited and disintegrated.’
    • ‘So I guess both parties are equally disunited when it comes to the president's Social Security phase-out bill.’
    • ‘However, the conclusion Meldgaard seems to offer is one that brings back the disunited notions of the sea and technology.’
    • ‘In fact, Nathan had concluded that if anyone did participate in the uprising, the numbers would be small and those involved would be hopelessly disunited.’
    • ‘To finish on another contradiction, what sense does racism make in a world both disunited and united by globalism?’
    • ‘The leadership of the Muslims was crumbling, the masses disillusioned and disunited.’
    • ‘If they are so disunited, then would it not be easy to take advantage of that and overrule them?’
    unconnected, disconnected, without unity, discontinuous, fragmented, fragmentary, disorganized, disordered, muddled, mixed up, jumbled, garbled, incoherent, confused, fitful, erratic, spasmodic, patchy, scrappy, bitty, piecemeal
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