Definition of disulfide in English:


(British disulphide)


  • 1A sulfide containing two atoms of sulfur in its molecule or empirical formula.

    • ‘The finish contains molybdenum disulfide, making for a very slick, smooth finish.’
    • ‘Toxicology experts testified that the animals had succumbed to carbon disulfide poisoning.’
    • ‘Molybdenum disulfide is all the rage in rifles right now.’
    • ‘Solid lubricants such as soap, molybdenum disulphide or graphite are preferred to mineral oils and greases.’
    • ‘Phosphorothioate modification was obtained using tetraethylthiuram disulfide for 15 min at room temperature as recommended by Applied Biosystems.’
    1. 1.1 An organic compound containing the group —S—S— bonded to other groups.
      • ‘When cysteine mutations are performed on the participating residues, spontaneous disulfide bond formation is observed.’
      • ‘Disulfide bond formation is a common consequence of oxidative stress in cellular proteins.’
      • ‘The native structure of lysozyme contains both a-helical and beta-sheet domains, including four disulfide bonds.’
      • ‘One mutation, C282Y, disrupts an intramolecular disulfide bridge and renders the protein nonfunctional.’
      • ‘The connectivity of the disulfide linkages is not known.’
      • ‘At 50 mM reductant, some disulfide formation remains as revealed by the persistent dimer band.’