Definition of distinguishable in English:



  • 1Clear enough to be recognized or identified as different; discernible.

    ‘distinguishable features’
    ‘this particular case is distinguishable from others’
    • ‘The name attribute allows each one to become unique and distinguishable from the others.’
    • ‘Bowlby carefully delineated a specific type of bond that is distinguishable from other types of social ties.’
    • ‘A 54 card pack is used, consisting of the standard 52 cards plus two distinguishable jokers, big and small.’
    • ‘In other words, light-blue tones are not distinguishable from each other.’
    • ‘The concept of a soul that is distinguishable from the body and can exist independently of it is alien to Judaism.’
    • ‘The molecular model shows that there are two possible mechanistically distinguishable pathways.’
    • ‘The parts of the body are quite distinguishable from the self.’
    • ‘At any time there are several distinct saronic cycles in action, interwoven but distinguishable.’
    • ‘In fact, the first few years are barely distinguishable.’
    • ‘Both of those cases, on my submission, are readily distinguishable.’
    • ‘Thus, low and high T peaks are not distinguishable as independent phenomena.’
    • ‘Home nurses these days are hardly distinguishable from the traditional domestic help.’
    • ‘Should the masking periods occur in a curve, the various signals would have been distinguishable.’
    • ‘I didn't want the voices to be distinguishable.’
    • ‘These are distinguishable activities even if in some cases they are performed by the same persons.’
    • ‘Apart from that it's just the scroller and very minor details that makes it distinguishable from the original.’
    • ‘Rhetoric aside, his policies were hardly distinguishable from those of his predecessors.’
    • ‘These are distinguishable on the basis of certain specific features of the complaint.’
    • ‘For that reason the Bonnah decision is distinguishable from the facts in the present case.’
    • ‘Some of HiT's new products were only distinguishable from each other by their electronic properties.’
    discernible, recognizable, identifiable, detectable
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    1. 1.1 Clear enough to be discerned or perceived.
      ‘his words were barely distinguishable’
      • ‘Pancreatic disease is mainly distinguishable at palpation as tenderness.’
      • ‘Unwanted algae are distinguishable by their chlorophyll and carotenoid compounds.’
      • ‘Obscure marks of shell are distinguishable in it.’
      • ‘A grade III sprain is a complete tear of the ligament with no end point distinguishable on examination.’
      • ‘This masks any distinguishable sounds and virtually eliminates sensory input from sounds.’
      • ‘Gold particles appear small at this magnification, but are distinguishable.’
      • ‘The two large peaks are clearly distinguishable.’
      • ‘Danto mistakenly based his original argument on Warhol's all-too distinguishable Brillo Boxes.’
      • ‘In several rooms, large amounts of crockery were distinguishable.’
      • ‘He has purchased a painting that Marc describes as "white" with barely distinguishable "fine white diagonal lines."’
      • ‘However there was no distinguishable change in his condition after the radiation, and I kept treating him as before.’
      • ‘Jekos is distinguishable in a sense in that there there was a passing around of cheques.’
      • ‘The intermediate cluster became less distinguishable in wilted flowers.’
      • ‘Both cultivars were clearly distinguishable on the dendrogram.’
      • ‘But this reference does not establish a distinguishable individual.’
      • ‘Without qualities, substance would not be distinguishable in terms of the world as we know it.’
      • ‘Now his voice was thick, words scarcely distinguishable.’