Definition of dissimulation in US English:



  • Concealment of one's thoughts, feelings, or character; pretense.

    ‘an attempt at dissimulation’
    • ‘They used every trick in the book to justify the unjustifiable and the people saw through their lies, half truths and dissimulations.’
    • ‘Indeed, the play of dissimulation and deception reaffirms the truth about what we see.’
    • ‘Yes, it remains crucial that the power elite's obfuscations, dissimulations and inconsistencies be exposed.’
    • ‘They wanted an end to secrecy and the covering up of blunders, there was to be no dissimulation in producing policies, no more pretence that all was well when it clearly was not.’
    • ‘Did I find in Grey's dissimulations an echo of my own?’
    pretence, dissembling, misrepresentation, deceit, dishonesty, duplicity, lying, guile, subterfuge, feigning, falsification, shamming, faking, bluff, bluffing, counterfeiting, posturing, hypocrisy, double-dealing
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