Definition of displacement in US English:



  • 1The moving of something from its place or position.

    ‘vertical displacement of the shoreline’
    ‘a displacement of the vertebra at the bottom of the spine’
    • ‘A pivoting or rotating lever mechanism, rather than the lateral and vertical displacement, may be worthy of consideration.’
    • ‘The Lachman test is performed with the knee at 30 degrees in a supine position and involves anterior displacement of the tibia on the femur.’
    • ‘The geometry of the granite and the vertical displacement of the Dalradian can only be readily explained by the hypothesis that the granitic magma ascended diapirically prior to emplacement.’
    • ‘This was caused by the rebound shortening of the model ventricle without damping property and could be the cause of smaller vertical displacement.’
    • ‘We also show the effect of temperature and physical phase of the lipid on the vertical displacement of the porphyrins in the bilayer.’
    • ‘This important result, that the vertical displacement of the porphyrins is increased with elongation of the side chains, was observed earlier with the series of protoporphyrins.’
    • ‘While standing at the side of the examination table, the physician looks for posterior displacement of the tibia (posterior sag sign).’
    • ‘A fracture dislocation occurs across a joint and involves abnormal displacement of the joint surfaces from one another.’
    • ‘And whenever you have any kind of vertical displacement in the sea floor, the water becomes disturbed.’
    • ‘Elastic forces were assumed to be a function of displacement from the equilibrium position, i.e., displacement from the equilibrium length of the linker.’
    • ‘Proper vertical displacement takes some dedication to training.’
    • ‘Fundamental theories describe how the translational displacement and the rotational motions of the Brownian particle can be predicted in terms of D.’
    • ‘This was not appropriate for concrete paths, due to the very limited range of roughness and to discomfort being caused by vertical displacement between slabs rather than roughness per se.’
    • ‘Such techniques can provide us with only the information of microtubule displacement in a plane vertical to the optical axis.’
    • ‘Now there is positive air displacement - the worker wears a helmet and it blows fresh air from a filter pack on his back or on his belt, and there is a battery pack.’
    • ‘This does not, however, affect the total vertical displacement of the cantilever.’
    • ‘As the landslide material comes to rest on the deep-sea floor, the sudden displacement of a huge vertical column of seawater can kick up deadly tsunamis across wide areas.’
    • ‘The top of the piles have been considered to be connected with a rigid pile cap such that when under uplift load each of the piles undergo the same vertical displacement.’
    • ‘Once located, tendons should be properly chaired and secured to prevent horizontal and vertical displacement during concrete placement.’
    • ‘Also, vertical displacement, defined as up and down motion, wastes energy resulting in slower performance.’
    1. 1.1 The removal of someone or something by someone or something else which takes their place.
      ‘males may be able to resist displacement by other males’
      • ‘The bugle was essential to all military communication until its displacement by electronics.’
      • ‘From West Africa to Southeast Asia, these trends have resulted in massive male displacement and, frequently, unemployment.’
      • ‘Job displacement means, in effect, the replacement of union members with foreign workers who have no union ties.’
      • ‘This is a slightly more intractable problem than the prospect that any totalitarian movement will close off opportunities for its own later displacement by refusing to hold further elections.’
      • ‘The Employment Policies Institute says, We have this displacement effect, or we expect this displacement effect, and therefore the living wage is not a viable policy.’
      • ‘In such a case, females would be farther north than males in the absence of displacement of females by later-arriving males.’
      • ‘Least successful are the Bacon triptychs, which leave unanswered what is made of the displacement of a gay artist's male subjects by female protagonists.’
      • ‘The displacement effect is seen still more clearly, and more dangerously, over Iraq.’
      • ‘Labor groups resisted the introduction of the steam presses fearing job displacement.’
      • ‘Technological displacement has the potential to produce social disasters.’
      • ‘Birkerts is a life-long lover of the printed word, as the title of his book implies, and he isn't liable to underestimate the effects of the displacement of the book's dominance in our culture by the electronic media.’
      • ‘Still, if Government had had a vision for food production as a vital component of our economy, it would have minimised the wanton displacement of farmers in favour of upscale housing and manufacturing.’
      • ‘This displacement effect also had a gendered component, as women disproportionately entered the fastest growing occupations.’
      removal, debarment, dismissal, exclusion, discharge, ejection, rejection, blackballing, blacklisting
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    2. 1.2 The enforced departure of people from their homes, typically because of war, persecution, or natural disaster.
      ‘the displacement of farmers by guerrilla activity’
      • ‘Current asylum procedure is based on the Convention on Refugees, drafted by Western governments in 1951 in the context of population displacements following World War Two.’
      • ‘She acknowledges that displacement here no longer spells exile; it can mean instead an exhilarating sense of life at the interstices.’
      • ‘There are three possible resolutions to displacement: return and repatriation, resettlement, or asylum in another country.’
      • ‘If such a plan were to be implemented, the logic of the 1947 partition of the sub-continent would be replicated with attendant mass displacements and violence.’
      • ‘Since this time, the British government has been eager to present it as a move of ‘contract labourers’ back to their country of origin - not a displacement of a settled population.’
      • ‘There was no mention of displacement by natural catastrophes.’
      • ‘Regular villas for Roman colonists in Kent: evidence suggests massive displacement of native farmers after Roman conquest’
      • ‘It would have been preferable had Sachs reached such realizations before advocating policies that inflicted mass displacements on work forces across eastern Europe.’
      • ‘We cannot allow these visions that lack public participation, divide the city into uneven halves, skew development and cause large displacements to become realities.’
      • ‘We've seen this with Burundi and now in the eastern DRC, where a year later, the signed peace agreement is crumbling, with renewed fighting and civilian displacements.’
      • ‘One cannot neglect that these early religious communities were themselves agents of such social and political changes as the radical displacement of the Khmer occupants of the delta by the Vietnamese state.’
      • ‘Hailing from Canada to Israel and Palestine, all of the artists have dealt with issues surrounding displacement, exile and identity in varying ways.’
      • ‘HRW reported that in 1998 Bulgaria supplied both sides in the Ethiopia-Eritrea border conflict, which had led to large displacements of civilians in both countries.’
      • ‘Like the devoted salmon, they can't be defined apart from their homeland, and may seem to choose extinction over displacement.’
      • ‘To return to the passage in which Leon brings home his bride, we can see how their union is impacted by the displacement of small landholding farmers.’
      • ‘A building-by-building response simply cannot keep up with the city-wide surge in rents or the waves of displacement that result.’
      • ‘This move has resulted in numerous displacements, including the separation of couples and family members, as seniors are being forced to take up residence where the government tells them.’
      • ‘Their construction led to the displacement of around 130,000 people.’
      • ‘The project involves large-scale displacement of farmers and destruction of farmland, forests and common lands.’
      • ‘Slave culture made possible the support of certain syncretistic elements that evolved naturally from the displacement process.’
    3. 1.3 The amount by which a thing is moved from its normal position.
      ‘a displacement of 6.8 meters along the San Andreas fault’
      • ‘The displacements of the cytoplasmic moieties of these helices amount to 0.1-0.2 nm.’
      • ‘The comparison involves measuring the mean displacement of the simulated curve from the average random curve.’
      • ‘An average of displacements of respective different color marks from a reference position is then calculated.’
      • ‘The displacements have decreased to less than 0.5°, the width of the lunar and solar discs - less than the width of the little finger held at arm's length.’
      • ‘Based on stratigraphic, seismic and borehole data, the vertical displacement along the Mountain Front Fault is estimated to be 3-6 km.’
      • ‘The inward displacement applied at the vertical edges is reduced to 200 m.’
      • ‘The magnitude of 100 mV in the V-motion signal corresponds to 20 nm of vertical displacement.’
      • ‘The total vertical displacement is therefore up to c.3.5-6 km.’
      • ‘Ever since the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, in which up to 7 m of lateral displacement was measured, the social and economic consequences of such movements have been known to the world.’
      • ‘Support for this position comes from studying target displacements that are larger than 15% of the movement distance.’
      • ‘KIF1A bound to the microtubule moved toward the plus end of the microtubule with a displacement of 2.8 nm.’
  • 2The occupation by a submerged body or part of a body of a volume which would otherwise be occupied by a fluid.

    • ‘We're optimistic because there was no extra fluid or displacement.’
    • ‘Moving the reservoir into the clamp allows more fluid displacement needed for the high temperatures generated during the long descents.’
    • ‘For dog lungs, volumes obtained by fluid displacement even after pressure release were found to be 14% higher than by the Cavalieri method.’
    • ‘Fig.4 illustrates the Gibbs energy variation observed with water displacement.’
    • ‘There will just be a standing wave created between one place and another, as all points on the wave would have zero net displacement.’
    • ‘Tsunamis are also not so much about volume displacement as about energy transfer.’
    • ‘Gas volume flow was measured by volume displacement of water, so 1 kg of water corresponds to 1.0 l of water at the pressure measured by P T2.’
    • ‘The diameter, length, and surface characteristics of the tubes used by Fisher to connect the cisterns are not known to us, nor are the mass, displacement, or surface area of the floats.’
    • ‘The pressure probe operates on the principle of regulated volume displacement.’
    • ‘Subsequently, Mead introduced volume displacement whole body plethysmography, which measured volume changes due to gas compression and decompression.’
    • ‘These include a patent-pending valve system and new diaphragm technology that produces more-even stress distribution and reliable fluid displacement.’
    1. 2.1 The amount or weight of fluid that would fill the volume displaced by a floating ship, used as a measure of the ship's size.
      ‘the submarine has a surface displacement of 2,185 tons’
      • ‘The hull displacement is 2,168t surfaced and 2,455t dived.’
      • ‘In 1899, a French staff officer designed an armoured landing craft fitted with a detachable landing ramp, of about 80 tons displacement.’
      • ‘It measures in at 950 feet with a displacement of 62,069 tons and reaches speeds up to 24 knots.’
      • ‘Improvements include increased payload share of ship displacement, stealthy design, advanced propulsion system and combat systems with modular open architecture.’
      • ‘Her displacement exceeds 3000 tons, making her the biggest undersea craft yet built.’
      • ‘Some 15.7m long with a maximum loaded displacement of 24 tonnes, they have a top speed of 24 knots and a range of 210 nautical miles.’
      • ‘The LMZ Artemis has a summer deadweight of 69,714 tonnes, 83,000 tonne displacement, is 228 metres long and has draft of 12.1 metres.’
      • ‘Sail area to displacement ratio is 15.5, and displacement / length ratio is, by modern standards, a hefty 322.’
      • ‘They were ships of under a thousand tons displacement, with crews of about a hundred sailors.’
      • ‘About 18 years ago the captain of the mv Superior Producer, a freighter of around 1500 tonnes displacement, got it wrong and ended up on the rocks.’
      • ‘This capability has invariably led to vessels of some 20,000 tons displacement or more.’
      • ‘Small, at less than 190 ft long, it is thought to have been of less than 1000 tons displacement.’
      • ‘The Colgate 26's sail area/displacement ratio is a respectable 23.9 and displacement / length ratio is 145.’
      • ‘The manufacturer's specified displacement was 2,900 lb prior to 1984 and 3,000 lb. after.’
      • ‘In another one of those historical ironies, the modern corvette is the same size and displacement as the original destroyers that appeared about a century ago.’
    2. 2.2technical The volume swept by a reciprocating system, as in a pump or engine.
      • ‘Sizing the engine for its current displacement meant that the crankshaft lost four pounds, and could ride on smaller bearing journals.’
      • ‘A gear pump system has a fixed displacement and requires a change in pump shaft speed to affect pump volume.’
      • ‘Driving pressure (also known as power) is determined by the displacement of the reciprocating pumps or diaphragms.’
      • ‘Variable displacement piston pumps are just icing on the cake of an already flourishing miniexcavator market.’
      • ‘The inundation occurred because Sanchung's water displacement system was incapable of handling the torrential rain, the city said.’
  • 3Psychoanalysis
    The unconscious transfer of an intense emotion from its original object to another one.

    ‘this phobia was linked with the displacement of fear of his father’
    • ‘The influence of perceptual displacement and age on the retrospective component of prospective remembering was considered in a similar analysis.’
    • ‘Like all symbioses it was bound together and sustained by the primary processes of uncritical displacement and condensation.’
    • ‘Instead, by using displacement, an individual is able to still experience his or her anger, but it is directed at a less threatening target than the real cause.’
    • ‘Perceptual displacement of cues modulated performance of the prospective component but not the retrospective component.’
    • ‘Because their meaning is never fixed, they evolve easily during the operations of transfer and displacement.’
  • 4Physics
    The component of an electric field due to free separated charges, regardless of any polarizing effects.

    • ‘The efficiency of inducing charge displacement was membrane potential dependent.’
    • ‘Aluminum, beryllium and magnesium are good examples of substrates where use of a displacement film prior to electrodeposition will provide superior adherence.’
    • ‘During field stimulation of isolated cardiac myocytes, depolarization is achieved either by charge displacement or by net ionic current flow between the two electrodes.’
    1. 4.1 The vector representing electric displacement.
      • ‘The different displacement vectors are calculated as described below.’
      • ‘Second, an attempt is made to filter out displacement vectors which do not vary smoothly on a spatial scale set by the user.’
      • ‘The gate particle has the larger positive valence and traverses a greater fraction of the membrane potential drop; thus it contributes the majority of the gating charge displacement.’
      • ‘The first term is equal to zero for displacement vectors that are aligned, whereas the second term is zero for displacement vectors whose magnitude does not change over time.’
      • ‘D is the magnitude of the displacement vector D.’
    2. 4.2 The flux density of electric displacement.
      • ‘The crux of the proposal is that the single-bond character of the C7 - C8 bond increases due to electronic charge displacement.’
      • ‘If everything is assembled properly, the elastic displacement output of the CDA is linearly proportional to the current input to the coil.’
      • ‘Together with the sampling rate, this defines the maximum displacement that a speckle can undergo from one frame to the next.’
      • ‘The amount of displacement depends upon how much the material slows the speed of the beam.’