Definition of dispenser in US English:



  • 1A person or thing that dispenses something.

    ‘his role as protector of the weak and dispenser of justice’
    • ‘He wasn't an alcoholic, but he liked to play hard, and be the dispenser of largesse.’
    • ‘But to Asians he was a dispenser of death and destruction on a gigantic scale that the world would not see again until Genghis Khan.’
    • ‘Teachers will move beyond their present role as dispensers of information and become guides, mentors, facilitators, and authors.’
    • ‘Fortunately, the district court is not the last dispenser of justice in Indonesia.’
    • ‘Unless every single dark location around the town is properly lit up the nocturnal rubbish dispensers will continue to have a field day.’
    • ‘She has always been a meticulous dispenser of justice.’
    • ‘These ordinary people unleashed a torrent of religiosity that had been dammed up by the traditional dispensers of religious faith.’
    • ‘How can we expect this institution to be an effective dispenser of services for all those with AIDS, let alone a leader of political struggles around AIDS in black communities here and abroad?’
    • ‘The dispensers of justice down in Clifford Street can now talk directly via a TV link to prisons all over the country from Exeter to Durham and from Strangeways to Wandsworth.’
    • ‘We search desperately for justice from history and history is a very, very cruel dispenser of justice.’
    • ‘An educator using this model acts as a facilitator rather than as a dispenser of information.’
    • ‘Following Wilson's election as president, House became his most intimate friend, the dispenser of his patronage and his most trusted political adviser.’
    • ‘In the bigger picture, I do not ever want to be the involuntary dispenser of any consumer advertisement hidden inside a product sample box.’
    • ‘But for juries to be credible and respected as the finders of fact and dispensers of justice in a community, they must represent diverse values and outlooks, Munsterman said.’
    • ‘In this sense the police are inherently dealers in and dispensers of evil and can never command universal love.’
    • ‘Lord Ganesha, the infallible dispenser of justice, is worshipped at all holy places before his elder brother, Kumar Kartikeya.’
    • ‘And I just want to know, since when did dictionary writers become our moral arbiters, our dispensers of justice?’
    • ‘My great-grand uncle became a dispenser of retributive justice.’
    • ‘The double gourd was the attribute of the Taoist immortal Li Tieguai, the dispenser of magic medicines.’
    1. 1.1usually with modifier An automatic machine or container which is designed to release a specific amount of something.
      ‘a paper towel dispenser’
      • ‘I nodded and walked over to the paper towel dispenser.’
      • ‘I've been happy to see a number of public bathrooms lately even include automated paper towel dispensers.’
      • ‘The Salt and Pepper dispensers, in lovely porcelain and bright - coloured, imported from China were tempting.’
      • ‘Often there is no soap in the dispensers or the dispensers are broken…’
      • ‘Is there a market in second hand paper towel dispenser machines?’
      • ‘Woe to anyone who put a quarter in the feed dispenser if there was a goat nearby; they'd make a straight line for the food and it mattered little who was in the way or underfoot.’
      • ‘A little further on, there was a young man from a Spring Green church who had set up large dispensers of coffee and cocoa.’
      • ‘Iced coconut milk-shakes and tender-coconut water drawn out of dispensers were there for parched tongues.’
      • ‘People were stealing toilet paper by the roll faster than they could put it out in the dispensers.’
      • ‘He chased me to the kitchen, and then saw the automatic ice dispenser on the door of my fridge.’
      • ‘The dispensers have been exclusively branded with a green and black chequered design.’
      • ‘Being the naturally suspicious (OK then, paranoid) type, I decide this is an opportune moment to get up and grab a glass of water from the dispenser.’
      • ‘So how do we apply for a grant to get a nicotine patch dispenser machine fitted in the bus shelter?’
      • ‘Then the little darlings began an involved process of rinsing their fronts, rinsing their backs, getting soap out of the dispenser and rubbing it over their bathing suit-clad bodies.’
      • ‘If you want to use the dishwasher, follow these precautions: Use the automatic rinse dispenser feature of a dishwasher.’
      • ‘Sales of water with dispensers has jumped by 24 per cent.’
      • ‘Watching their antics and dexterity as they extract food from the dispenser can provide many live hours of enjoyment and entertainment.’
      • ‘Nothing much happened except that I discovered the automatic paper towel dispenser and proceeded to contort my body into various positions to get the thing to work.’
      • ‘And, if you come across a paper towel dispenser with a lever, use your elbow instead of your hands - and don't touch the sinks, door handles or toilets after you've dried.’
      • ‘The Railway administration also declared open a coin dispenser machine and automatic platform ticket vending machine.’