Definition of diseased in US English:



  • 1Suffering from disease.

    ‘all the diseased cattle have been removed’
    • ‘When the heart suffers damage or becomes diseased, it struggles to heal and resume normal functioning.’
    • ‘As the organ transplant industry has grown, the possibility of infection from diseased tissue has become a concern.’
    • ‘Owners of diseased trees had a responsibility to destroy them as soon as possible.’
    • ‘The standard treatment is draconic: The diseased trees are simply cut down and burned.’
    • ‘The only thing I can figure is that they want the diseased bison to infect cattle and thereby harm the beef industry.’
    • ‘A City Council report says the trees were diseased meaning they had to be axed before they toppled over.’
    • ‘Because there is no cure, the only solution is to cut down both diseased and healthy trees when the insect is found in an area.’
    • ‘Carefully cut out as many of the stems as necessary, taking out diseased or weak growth first and untangle the rest if possible.’
    • ‘Eventually she gets a job as a beef trimmer, generally a man's job, trimming the meat of diseased cattle.’
    • ‘Not every animal exposed to a disease agent becomes infected or diseased.’
    • ‘We have the world's largest population of diseased and disabled.’
    • ‘A spokesman for the school confirmed that examination had revealed the trees to be diseased.’
    • ‘Men working in the wood said they were felling the trees for firewood because they were diseased and dangerous.’
    • ‘Even if predators don't kill the diseased animal, hunger surely will.’
    • ‘But now there are fears the grouse could become weak and diseased unless their numbers are reduced’
    • ‘This would not affect the use of such a weapon in order to prevent the suffering of an injured or diseased deer.’
    • ‘One approach is to remove genetic material from a diseased organism, thus making the material weaker.’
    • ‘The co-operation is conditional on seven specific measures including the culling of diseased populations of badgers.’
    • ‘Humans are only rarely infected by handling a diseased animal and infection is only temporary and mild.’
    • ‘The company has also reduced the height of the development and has introduced a tree planting scheme to replace the diseased trees already felled.’
    unhealthy, ill, sick, unwell, ailing, infirm, sickly, unsound, unwholesome, infected, septic, contaminated, blighted, rotten, bad, abnormal
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    1. 1.1 Abnormal and corrupt.
      ‘I cannot bear your diseased view of mankind’
      • ‘The only cure for a diseased culture is a healthy culture and the only source of a healthy culture is a healthy spirituality.’
      • ‘What the townspeople really suffer from are diseased consciences brought on by severe greed.’
      • ‘She refers to the place as a diseased blight whose continuing existence diminishes the country.’
      • ‘Are they the product of a diseased mind, a sick imagination, a temporary lapse of sanity?’
      • ‘Putting issues in the cupboard only allow them to fester into diseased debates over injustice or elite arrogance.’