Definition of discus in English:



  • 1A heavy thick-centered disk thrown by an athlete, in ancient Greek games or in modern field events.

    • ‘Now allegedly just as the discus left the athlete's hand, a sort of gale arose and blew it many more metres than was expected.’
    • ‘An inscription describing the truce was written on a bronze discus which was displayed at Olympia.’
    • ‘She threw the discus a fine 32. 40m for second place.’
    • ‘The modern discus weighs in at just 5 pounds, one-third of the original weight, and the long jumps were done with the contestant carrying a five pound weight in each hand.’
    • ‘He then threw the discus 51.65 metres for 905 points, again the best performance of the field.’
    • ‘As far as performance goes, athletes are throwing the discus more than two times farther than the Greeks did, but records aren't falling as steadily as they used to.’
    • ‘However, I wasn't allowed to do the discus after a discus accidentally slipped out of my hand, and into the games mistress' car's bonnet, during a practice session.’
    • ‘A schoolboy died after being hit in the back by a discus thrown by another pupil during a school sports practice.’
    • ‘In 1999 he was investigated after trying to substitute a lighter discus in the AAA Championships when finishing sixth though nothing was proved against him.’
    • ‘Rolling a ball at pins, throwing a discus or a softball, or spiking a volleyball incorporates the component of power.’
    • ‘I was 18 years old, 18 stone, and I thought I could throw a discus - until this man-mountain arrived on the scene.’
    • ‘Their goal was to empower them to run faster, jump higher, throw the discus and javelin farther, lift heavier weights, and excel in all power events.’
    • ‘The shot and discus had special grips making them easier to lift.’
    • ‘Having thrown the discus some 33,000 times he attempted to qualify for the 1972 Munich games and 1976 Montreal which were not successful.’
    • ‘The wind wasn't as stiff as I would have liked it to keep the discus up.’
    circle, round, saucer, ring
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    1. 1.1 The athletic event or sport of throwing the discus.
      ‘she had placed first in the discus’
      • ‘The strength events, javelin and discus, are my strength.’
      • ‘At the Coimbatore Junior State athletic meet held a few months ago, he won gold in both shot put and discus throw events.’
      • ‘Stadion running, discus and javelin were some of the early athletic events in that era.’
      • ‘The Pentathlon consisted of five events; the long jump, javelin throw, discus throw, foot race, and wrestling.’
      • ‘They even had their own Olympic games, which included chariot-racing, and discus and javelin throwing.’
      • ‘The talented athlete competed in the under-16 discus event.’
      • ‘Even if you managed to meet these requirements, there were still only a limited number of sports to compete in; foot races, discus, javelin, long jump, wrestling, boxing, the pentathlon and equestrian events.’
      • ‘In recent weeks he has obliterated the South Munster and Munster schools' records in both shot putt and discus, with throws of up to 18.37m and 48.40m respectively.’
      • ‘Nominations for this weekend's carnival indicate that there will be 200 or more athletes participating across the traditional disciplines of long and high jumps, sprints, walks, shot put and discus.’
      • ‘But I knew that I probably failed my sport scholarship already, so when it was time to do javelin, long jump, high jump, discus and shot put, I relaxed.’
      • ‘Since the simple foot races, jumping, discus and javelin events that marked the early Games in Greece, the basic tests of speed and strength have remained a key element of the modern Olympics.’
      • ‘Field events include the club throw, shot put, discus and javelin.’
      • ‘The last field event of the afternoon saw Andrew produce another impressive performance with a throw of 41. 10m to take the U - 17 men's discus.’
      • ‘He won the long jump and came second in both the 100m hurdles and in the discus with a second best ever throw of 41. 91m.’
      • ‘No other competitor came near the two men who have dominated discus throwing in the last three years.’
      • ‘The various competitions included field sports, discus throwing, hop, skip and jump, high jump and long jump, and running events.’
      • ‘For 2005 there will be a greater emphasis on training for the field events such as shot putt, javelin, discus etc. as well as sprinting, hurdles and distance running.’
      • ‘When the girl started winning laurels in intra-college events in sprints, long jump, high jump, shot put, javelin and discus, she was sent for inter-college competitions.’
      • ‘Kevin took bronze in both the pole vault and discus events.’
      • ‘They all took part in events such as, javelin, discus, wrestling and track races.’
  • 2A small colorful South American freshwater fish with a rounded laterally compressed body, native to South America and popular in aquariums.


Via Latin from Greek diskos.