Definition of discordancy in US English:



  • See discordant

    • ‘The discordancy of this design suggests that the theory involved is very important, and has many serious adherents who wear turtlenecks and smoke a lot.’
    • ‘In addition, the acceptability of slides as stated by the participants was tabulated according to the discordancy rates for a given cytodiagnostic category.’
    • ‘Results for laboratory and individual false-positive discordancy rates were 96% and 86%, respectively.’
    • ‘In one case, the author writes that: ‘he was traduced, in other words, and his already disputatious, fractious personality was given a further push towards discordancy.’’
    • ‘If the aggressive discordancies of bebop music as played by musicians such as Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker shaped the form of the book, its central idea is that of the ‘dream deferred.’’
    • ‘Finally, cases that were deemed unacceptable by participants had a higher discordancy rate with respect to diagnostic series than did slides that were deemed acceptable.’