Definition of discontinue in English:



  • 1Cease doing or providing (something), typically something provided on a regular basis.

    ‘the ferry service was discontinued by the proprietors’
    ‘he discontinued his visits’
    • ‘Forewarned, I wrote a letter to the company asking them to discontinue my service on the effective date.’
    • ‘In 1941, after two decades of valuable service, the seminary suddenly discontinued its classes.’
    • ‘It's 20 years since the original service was discontinued and locals are delighted that the runs are being put back in place.’
    • ‘Electric trolley service is again discontinued.’
    • ‘As many as 12 jobs could be lost if the service is discontinued.’
    • ‘The service was discontinued because it had lost so much clientele to planes, trains and cars.’
    • ‘The company had not indicated any immediate plans to discontinue the service.’
    • ‘A serviceman cannot change his station at will, nor can he discontinue performance of service duties or abandon his station without leave.’
    • ‘Shortly thereafter, the government discontinued these purchases but did not provide the media clear reasons for doing so.’
    • ‘Heavy losses forced it to discontinue the service.’
    • ‘The director says they are faced with the grim prospect of having to discontinue services to the 600-plus people who sleep on the city's streets.’
    • ‘If bin collectors can't do their job, it makes sense that we would look at discontinuing our service and passing it on to private operators.’
    • ‘It seems essential that the effectiveness of such visits is improved, but if this cannot be achieved consideration should be given to discontinuing these visits.’
    • ‘The reason I discontinued the service was the cost.’
    • ‘The decision to discontinue participant recruitment after six couples was made on the basis of saturation of relevant themes, with couple six adding only one or two themes to each area of inquiry.’
    • ‘A spokesman, however, said on Monday that the government might have problems finding a legal basis to discontinue the project's budget even if its final decision was to have the project scrapped.’
    • ‘He also discontinued unprofitable services, such as dating advisers.’
    • ‘Dissatisfied consumers will discontinue the use of such services, as they would with any vendor.’
    • ‘The company plans to discontinue the service from September because it is no longer commercially viable.’
    • ‘It wasn't very successful, but when she called her customers to tell them she was discontinuing the service, one of them panicked.’
    1. 1.1usually be discontinued Stop making (a particular product)
      ‘their current top-of-the-range running shoe is being discontinued’
      • ‘Businesses with their software voiced fears that their products would be discontinued or that technical support might waver.’
      • ‘In any case, it will not discontinue any of the products of the companies it has acquired, according to a spokesman.’
      • ‘We sent it back, and since that particular pack had been discontinued so they sent us a brand new one a brand new one.’
      • ‘Around 450 of the 1,000 staff work in the relatively risky area of manufacturing, which was hit by the company's decision last year to discontinue one of its products.’
      • ‘Second annoyance is changing stocks: you'll go there for ages, get used to a certain product and then you'll find it's been discontinued.’
      • ‘The value of these character jugs can accelerate quite quickly once they have been discontinued but those in continuous production stay fairly static.’
      • ‘The company was horrified to learn that the valve had been discontinued since it was critical to the continued production of their blood analysis products.’
      • ‘Check the bargain bin at the local fabric store, often times they have beautiful fabrics at discount prices simply because they have been discontinued.’
      • ‘‘Currently, we do not plan to discontinue any other products,’ he says.’
      • ‘The list of discontinued products includes chips released as recently as January.’
      • ‘The printer was discontinued in 1985, and the cartridge was dropped in 1998.’
      • ‘I'm hoping you have some suggestions for notifying customers that a product has been discontinued.’
      • ‘She's right that production of the item has been discontinued.’
      • ‘The saw was discontinued in the 1950s and is no longer serviced.’
      • ‘Do we continue to live by mottos advertising products that have long been discontinued?’
      • ‘In addition, sellers will be able to quickly move overstocks and discontinued products.’
      • ‘First, his team needs at least 100 new products annually to replace those that are discontinued.’
      • ‘The workers and the union, he said, had been aware for some time that one of the products manufactured at the Waterford plant was being discontinued.’
      • ‘This product replaces fenofibrate micronized capsules, which were discontinued by the manufacturer.’
      • ‘The company last month discontinued two product lines, which resulted in around 40 lay-offs and the closure of a design centre in France.’
      stop, end, terminate, bring to an end, put an end to, put a stop to, wind up, finish, bring to a halt, call a halt to, cancel, drop, dispense with, do away with, get rid of, abolish
      no longer available, no longer produced, no longer manufactured
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    2. 1.2 Cease taking (a newspaper or periodical) or paying (a subscription)
      • ‘I quickly discontinued my subscription, and went back to choosing my own selections.’
      • ‘I discontinued my subscription because the magazine has deteriorated so much in the last several years.’
      • ‘The e-mail subscriptions have been discontinued, probably permanently.’
      • ‘Due to the availability of other resources and decreasing usage, we have discontinued our subscription to the database.’
      • ‘Our efforts in both centers have been very successful in saving readers who might have otherwise discontinued their subscription.’
      stop, cease, desist from, swear off, forbear from, abstain from, cut out, renounce, forswear, forgo, abandon, have done with
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Late Middle English (in the sense ‘interrupt, disrupt’): via Old French from medieval Latin discontinuare, from Latin dis- ‘not’ + continuare (see continue).