Definition of discomposure in English:



  • The state or feeling of being disturbed or agitated; agitation.

    ‘he made the admission without the slightest discomposure’
    • ‘‘Thank you,’ Hale sputtered in his own discomposure.’
    • ‘Reymus watched William leave with a concerned gaze and his pale, silver-blue eyes shone with the slightest bit of discomposure.’
    • ‘Manda felt her face flushed at her discomposure.’
    • ‘I was a daughter of wealth, I told myself, and not subject to discomposure and embarrassment.’
    • ‘Apparently, the whole school knew about my little discomposure.’
    agitation, discomfiture, discomfort, uneasiness, unease, confusion, disorientation, perturbation, distress, nervousness, flusteredness
    anxiety, worry, consternation, disquiet, disquietude
    embarrassment, abashment, chagrin, loss of face
    disconcertment, disconcertion, inquietude
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