Definition of disclosable in US English:



  • See disclose

    • ‘Any comments made are likely to be disclosable.’
    • ‘He said that this was because the 250,000 was a loan, not a donation, and was therefore not disclosable under the law.’
    • ‘In the interim, the record of any disclosable donations to political parties made by such individuals during the build-up of the register will of course be transparent to the public.’
    • ‘Audio-recording was resisted in Northern Ireland because of the fears that it might inhibit detainees from talking, the tapes being disclosable if criminal or civil proceedings ensued.’
    • ‘Final warnings are disclosable for at least five years, meaning that they must, for example, be declared if applying for a job or appearing in court during the relevant time period.’
    • ‘The Appellant had been allowed to make representations but the source of the information was not disclosable.’