Definition of disclaimer in US English:



  • 1A statement that denies something, especially responsibility.

    ‘the novel carries the usual disclaimer about the characters bearing no relation to living persons’
    • ‘Most slash fiction carries a content warning and a disclaimer, explaining who holds the copyright to the original work it is based on.’
    • ‘The fact he offers no specific disclaimers for the Physics sections leads me to suspect his explanations in other scientific areas (which I am not qualified to assess) are of the same quality level.’
    • ‘He examines my certification card carefully and asks me to sign the usual disclaimers.’
    • ‘I'm getting a lot of emails that carry long-winded disclaimers on them these days and quite frankly it annoys me.’
    • ‘The agent's brochure carried disclaimers in fine print at the foot of the front and back pages but I would not accord these decisive significance on the present question.’
    • ‘Some firms have responded to such fears by putting disclaimers, sometimes several hundred words long, at the end of all electronic communications.’
    • ‘We can't be sure that it has even looked at her site - which, incidentally, carries a disclaimer and links to the official site on its front page.’
    • ‘If you are going to publish a credible disclaimer you should declare all your past and present political affiliations.’
    • ‘They are tripping over themselves with contradictory statements and inane disclaimers.’
    • ‘This was in addition to the ongoing protests in India, where censors demanded a disclaimer to say the film is ‘a work of pure fiction’.’
    • ‘Is it too late to add a disclaimer saying that all characters are fictional and any resemblance to real people is purely coincidence?’
    • ‘Now here I need to insert my usual disclaimer about not being in any conceivable sense of the word a military expert.’
    • ‘Even the disclaimer and preceding compliment had no effect, apparently.’
    • ‘The best part, however, comes in the form of a disclaimer / warning on the back of the DVD.’
    • ‘That brings us to the usual disclaimers: this is a purely subjective take on the primary election.’
    • ‘The group was not allowed to post the two variants, but under the new policy, they could post them as long as they carried the appropriate disclaimer.’
    • ‘We have managed to convince some sixty newspapers to carry such disclaimers.’
    • ‘In practice, internet users do not check the ‘about us’ sections of websites, try to find out who authors or owners of the site are, or read disclaimers or disclosure statements’
    • ‘Most e-mail disclaimers are not disclaimers, but actually address issues such as confidentiality, privacy and access.’
    • ‘But remember the usual disclaimer: past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance.’
    denial, refusal, rejection
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    1. 1.1Law An act of repudiating another's claim or renouncing one's own.
      • ‘The person making the disclaimer cannot direct where the disclaimed property is to go.’
      • ‘A disclaimer releases the tenant from future liabilities under the lease.’
      • ‘Beneficiaries who are considering disclaiming assets must seek legal advice to ensure their disclaimers meet federal and state requirements.’
      • ‘However, in English law statutory liability cannot be excluded by disclaimer or exclusion clauses.’
      • ‘Few states have applied these provisions to bailments even though bailees often insert disclaimers of warranties into their receipts and contracts.’
      renunciation, relinquishment, resignation, abdication
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