Definition of disapprove in English:



  • 1 Have or express an unfavorable opinion about something.

    ‘Bob strongly disapproved of drinking and driving’
    • ‘The effect of political correctness, which disapproves of such views, merely means they are not spoken aloud in places where they will be disapproved of.’
    • ‘Her son was 21 and clearly disapproved of his mother's pregnancy.’
    • ‘Some of these same critics also disapproved of his drinking habits and his choice of friends who visited local taverns.’
    • ‘The student unions of the college also disapproved of the administration's tactics regarding the decision to end the program.’
    • ‘No poll was taken to find out whether the newspaper editors approved or disapproved of the job he was doing.’
    • ‘I never did this, I hasten to add, and disapproved heartily.’
    • ‘They never did quite process that there's a postmodern kind of human curiosity that gets pleasure out of things formerly disapproved of.’
    • ‘I thoroughly disapprove of cars in many circumstances.’
    • ‘Surveys also have found that the percentage of parents who strongly disapprove of drinking has dropped.’
    • ‘Interestingly, he generally disapproved of borrowings outside of financing entrepreneurship.’
    • ‘My parents, while they don't openly oppose my lifestyle, clearly disapprove.’
    • ‘He also disapproved of the additional barriers the fascist policy presented to women in pursuit of a full education.’
    • ‘He had a troubled childhood, being frequently beaten by his father and uncles who disapproved of his artistic interests.’
    • ‘She had fallen in love with a fellow student, of whom her parents disapproved.’
    • ‘Usually they're in the forms of ancestors, mostly benevolent and at worst sternly disapproving.’
    • ‘Not only is every episode gone through in surprising detail but we soon learn why each colleague who disapproved of his op-ed was a hypocrite for doing so.’
    • ‘Why do citizens acquiesce in regimes of which they obviously disapprove?’
    • ‘Earlier, the Chief Minister disapproved of Mr. Jerome's statement.’
    • ‘Most Americans disapprove of the jobs that Republicans and Democrats are doing.’
    • ‘And Americans have generally disapproved of extensive efforts at domestic security.’
    reproachful, reproving, full of reproof
    critical, criticizing, censorious, condemnatory, condemning, denouncing, scathing, damning
    disparaging, deprecatory, unfavourable, pejorative, derogatory
    dissatisfied, displeased, hostile
    knocking, slating
    express a poor opinion of, have a poor opinion of, dislike, be against, object to, find unacceptable, think wrong, take exception to, not believe in, not support, frown on, take a dim view of, look askance at
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    1. 1.1[with object] Officially refuse to agree to.
      ‘a company may take power to disapprove the transfer of shares’
      • ‘Suggestions that medical treatment might sometimes come into this category have been disapproved, although it might cover some aspects of nursing care.’
      • ‘In many traditionalists' ideal world, the legislature would disapprove gay marriage and that would be that.’
      • ‘Parliament is not going to choose the buyers in the privatisation deals but just approve or disapprove the decision by the executive power.’
      • ‘The remaining programs may not have sought approval or some may have been disapproved by the peer review committee.’
      • ‘Instead, Kitty, Congress must actively disapprove an act to block the bill in order to keep it from going into effect as it has been negotiated.’
      • ‘I think rarely do they ever disapprove a request for a sympathy subpoena, for a warrant to go ahead and issue a wiretap.’
      • ‘In the confirmation or second stage, the Senate alone determines whether to approve or disapprove a nomination.’
      • ‘The Master has the discretion to approve or disapprove a claim, or ask for a refund in case a wrong payment was made.’
      • ‘It would be unworkable for the Crown, as applicant, to disapprove a respondent's ownership interest.’
      • ‘The FDA will then evaluate the recommendation and either approve or disapprove the product for marketing.’
      • ‘In 1991 both the Senate and the House took early action to disapprove the presidential waiver renewing China's MFN status.’
      • ‘The contractor approves or disapproves the purchases made by the FOO.’
      • ‘If the President disapproves the list, the commission has until October 20 to submit revised recommendations.’
      • ‘Most do not give reasons for disapproving the demolition, just expressing their disapproval of the proposal.’
      • ‘It takes the Air Force Personnel Center four to six weeks to approve or disapprove applications.’
      • ‘Most expected the French voters to disapprove the EU's new constitution.’
      • ‘The President will then have until September 23 to approve or disapprove the list.’
      • ‘The obiter remarks of his Honour were disapproved in Groves.’
      • ‘Even for trivial requests like days off, my manager thought that it was his job to approve or disapprove the request.’
      • ‘These terms were scheduled to the consent order and, speaking for myself, I do not think that the judge was concerned to approve them or disapprove them.’
      reject, refuse, turn down, veto, disallow, set aside, throw out, dismiss, say ‘no’ to, rule against, rule out
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