Definition of dirty pool in US English:

dirty pool


  • Dishonest, unfair, or unsportsmanlike conduct.

    • ‘Despite urgings to the contrary, Russell shies back from dirty pool, yet may be forced into playing it.’
    • ‘Which is their way of saying that they can attack President Bush, but it is dirty pool for him to defend himself.’
    • ‘Then again, I'm not sure that the producers of the HBO special didn't play dirty pool - or at least resort to lazy visual shorthand - by telegraphing Tripp's nastiness via slow-mo close-ups and unflattering mug shuts.’
    • ‘The Associated Press seems to think it's dirty pool to actually make the Democrats vote on Murtha's resolution.’
    • ‘He calls it dirty pool on trying to turn conservative voters off from Bush.’
    • ‘The Times's editor spent the next week defending his paper's solid journalism against charges of bias and dirty pool.’
    • ‘As always, local Democrats view Republican advocacy of measures that are popular with the public as dirty pool.’
    • ‘It's the kind of dirty pool that gives the marketing profession a bad name.’
    • ‘This is the little guy gouging the eyes of the bigger guy to get an edge, but we must remember that the little guy isn't always right, and dirty pool is just that.’
    • ‘And I'm not sure whether there was dirty pool, as Jane said, or whether it was an accident.’
    • ‘Columnists say it's dirty pool and the reason run scoring is down in Denver this year.’
    • ‘It's dirty pool to cut to commercial in the middle of David's press conference - this address is the payoff for so much of what's gone before that we, the viewer, should be allowed to luxuriate in a well-written, well-acted monologue.’
    • ‘Requiring fans to buy a second copy to get the edited edition is just dirty pool, no two ways about it.’
    • ‘The ending will probably make or break the film for you, but at the same time, it's dirty pool for a critic to spill the beans when a movie hasn't even been in theaters a week.’
    • ‘When they see Johnson's daisy ad the first time, they're shocked and find that to be very dirty pool.’
    • ‘Both sides play dirty pool near election time, and most of the scammers live in Kalgoorlie, a marginal seat.’
    • ‘But for all its silly ebullience, its consistent acknowledgement of the dirty pool that has come to mark public American political discourse makes its all-spin zone the safest place to be.’
    • ‘But I thought that what they were doing was really dirty pool, and so I told a counselor about it.’
    • ‘But Fox's parent company is also closing a deal to buy several UPN affiliate stations, and the scuttlebutt is it may ultimately want a piece of UPN itself, all of which, The WB's brass claimed, made for dirty pool.’
    • ‘The dirty pool which Jeff suggests is hardly news for the local dance music scene.’