Definition of dirty money in US English:

dirty money


  • Money obtained unlawfully or immorally.

    ‘the bank was found to have been laundering dirty money’
    • ‘Another route that the big banks use to launder dirty money is ‘correspondent banking.’’
    • ‘He supported himself by taking the dead lowlife thieves' dirty money and sometimes holding up 7-11s.’
    • ‘The media can get pretty interested in an organization receiving money from the ‘wrong’ people and filtering dirty money, and the authorities will want to know too.’
    • ‘What better place to launder dirty money than the races?’
    • ‘The anonymous lead is a sophisticated, respected, savvy drug dealer who is attempting to squirrel away enough dirty money to fund his early retirement.’
    • ‘Home Office figures show that this so-called dirty money represents about two per cent of the UK's Gross Domestic Product, or £18 bn, up to half of which is the value of illegal drug deals.’
    • ‘What has been made obvious to them is that their government has been hijacked by a bunch of crooks whose dirty money controls the entire electoral process.’
    • ‘And many are saying that's blood money, it's dirty money, they don't want it going towards these scholarships.’
    • ‘Drug cartels, arms traffickers, terrorist groups, and common criminal organizations use banks to launder their dirty money, making it appear as the product of legitimate business.’
    • ‘The old Las Vegas money laundering technique involved hiding dirty money in other businesses that routinely handle vast amounts of cash.’
    • ‘Yet the biggest banks continue their practices and the sums of dirty money grow exponentially.’
    • ‘His speciality had become tax evasion, the illegal cousin of tax avoidance, and the laundering of dirty money.’
    • ‘Thousands of pounds of dirty money seized from drugs dealers and thieves is to be given to a pioneering York group that strives to keep the streets clean of career criminals.’
    • ‘They will use your company to filter dirty money and to smuggle all kinds of contraband including illegal satellite cards, drugs, digital tracking equipment, scumware files and computer viruses.’
    • ‘Bribery puts dirty money into the hands of politicians, but corrupt politicians are exposed to extortion from Mafiosi.’
    • ‘Justice Beeson agreed with defence lawyers that the prosecutors had failed, among other things, to link the source of the alleged dirty money to any illegal immigrants overseas.’
    • ‘However, they have received largest portions of such funds under the table, perpetrating the age-old dirty money connections between politics and business, the original source of corruption widespread in society.’
    • ‘His brother-in-law runs the show on Thai soil, but is in danger of being usurped by foreigners who are happy to deal in dirty money, with the laundering being done by use of couriers.’
    • ‘Again, the South African example was to channel the proceeds from asset seizure into a special fund devoted to combating organised crime, turning dirty money to good use.’
    • ‘Another worry is that criminals will use the occasion to launder dirty money.’