Definition of dirtily in US English:



  • See dirty

    • ‘‘I like it when you call me daddy,’ he joked dirtily.’
    • ‘He looked at me dirtily, but ripped the box open.’
    • ‘And yes, ok, that could be taken really dirtily…’
    • ‘There must be something wrong with me, darkly, dirtily wrong.’
    • ‘But as anyone who has had to deal with them knows, the Liberals' squeaky clean image is quite wrong: they fight viciously and dirtily.’
    • ‘Terry dirtily shot me an angry look that said ‘Why couldn't you have just listened to me?’’
    • ‘And there it was, right between the house and a barn sitting dirtily and conspicuously.’
    • ‘They rolled on the muddy ground for quite some time before Bridget ran inside the house with Mark trailing dirtily behind her.’
    • ‘Sure, Cavendish can shake and shimmy with the best of them and growl as dirtily as West as she delivers lines like ‘I used to be Snow White - but I drifted.’’
    • ‘The men were still miners, digging dirtily with hard enthusiasm.’