Definition of dirtboard in US English:



  • A long skateboard with larger-than-average wheels, designed for off-road use.

    • ‘The nitro dirtboard is an all terrain beast with attitude, quite unlike anything in the world.’
    • ‘There are many styles and brands of dirtboards available - take a look around the net, visit some of these, and hit up your local sporting goods store to get some more ideas of what kind of dirtboard you want.’
    • ‘We are trying to find a suitable location to use our power kites and three wheel buggies / dirtboards in the evenings and at weekends.’
    • ‘This is a custom dirtboard I put together for off-road and on-road riding (most of the roads near where I live are pretty rough anyway so the whole on/off road thing makes little sense anyway).’
    • ‘I dug out some footage of me riding my dirtboard and put together a video clip for the dirtboard page’