Definition of dirtbag in US English:



  • A very unkempt or unpleasant person.

    • ‘Letting some guilty dirtbags out of jail on technicalities was a price were willing to pay as a society to protect our privacy, and indeed our freedom.’
    • ‘He had noticed that the street dirtbags always found a way to get decent weapons.’
    • ‘I think we're fairly fair with people, and I think people understand when they're dirtbags.’
    • ‘Two dirtbags show up at this nice middle-class house in the ‘burbs, one dressed like a delivery guy.’
    • ‘As our group of dirtbags talked loudly among the suits that Scan Connery could be on our flight, Jamie quietly pointed out that James Bond was indeed sitting two rows in front of us on the left.’
    • ‘Heck, I think she shoulda called in an air strike on those dirtbags from two kilometers away.’
    • ‘Life, as seen through the eyes of a teenage dirtbag, is just so unfair.’
    • ‘Indeed, every photograph shown to U.S. senators yesterday is part of the same set of pictures featuring the same eight dirtbags.’
    • ‘So don't you dirtbags mess with us or this is what we'll do’
    • ‘It opens up a whole new market in police departments who did not adopt the Glock because it does not have a redundant safety to deter dirtbags from slipping up behind a police officer, jerking his pistol and plugging him in the back.’
    • ‘Cantankerous, colorful, and roiled by clashing personalities, this eclectic confederacy of dirtbags, freebooters, and aristocrats represents the crowning ambition of working guides all across America.’
    • ‘The dirtbags figured that out, looked around, and laughed.’
    • ‘Owen Wilson plays a petty thief living in Hawaii, a place where apparently even the poorest dirtbag can afford an apartment opening onto white sandy beaches.’
    • ‘One year later, some dirtbags tried to blow up L.A. with a nuclear bomb, so Bauer had to punch in again.’
    • ‘Not when it comes from half-wit dirtbags like this character.’
    • ‘Last night I but the bullet and went to see my neighbour about her teenage dirtbag of a daughter and the noise along with a list of other minor misdemeanours.’
    • ‘Even the, the teenage dirtbag stared at me as though I wasn't wearing that thin t-shirt,’ she ranted as she washed her hair.’
    • ‘‘Almost 80 per cent of human beings are dirtbags,’ says Smither.’
    • ‘Prostitution is criminal, and bad things happen because it's run illegally by dirtbags who are criminals.’
    unpleasant person
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