Definition of director general in English:

director general

(also director-general)


  • The chief executive of a large organization.

    • ‘Governors, directors general and controllers have come and gone.’
    • ‘I went to a talk at the Royal Society by the incoming director general of the World Trade Organisation.’
    • ‘The new director general's plans include setting up two new BBC channels to supplement BBC1 and BBC2.’
    • ‘Clifford, the director general of the National Galleries of Scotland, was central to the successful campaign to secure it for the nation.’
    • ‘He has written to the director general of the Prison Service demanding an end to the ‘liberal regime’.’
    • ‘But the outgoing director general says that it would never have come to Scotland if he had not invented a fake deadline.’
    • ‘Iraqi directors general head the local government offices overseeing basic services and have been drawn into planning local reconstruction.’
    • ‘He is also a former director general of the Irish Management Institute.’
    • ‘Ottawa sources say Green issued an edict to the regional directors general at the beginning of the last fiscal year that no deficits would be allowed.’
    • ‘We have three main structures headed each by a director general.’
    • ‘Collins is leaving his position six months early to facilitate an easy transition for the new director general.’
    • ‘The Institute of European Affairs last week announced his appointment as its director general.’
    • ‘They faxed a letter to a civil servant in the director general's office.’
    • ‘It does this every few years by appointing a chairman, who in turn chooses a director general.’
    • ‘He said that until the fine detail of the director general's plans was known, it was impossible to know what their response would be.’
    • ‘The chairman of Lloyds and the director general of the CBI agree.’
    • ‘The former director general of the BBC tells his side of the Gilligan affair story and talks about his life in television.’
    • ‘It's the Brit Awards tonight - just as the BPI is making its director general redundant.’
    • ‘The director general said the tax collection rate will decrease, not rise, following the tax restructuring.’
    • ‘By the end of the week both the director general of the BBC and the chairman of its board of governors had resigned.’
    chief, head, principal, senior official, senior manager, senior administrator
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director general