Definition of director's chair in US English:

director's chair


  • A folding armchair with crossed legs and a canvas seat and back piece.

    • ‘As I huffed off, I noticed director's chairs with the names of Teddy Zee and James Lassiter.’
    • ‘The room is laid out with sofas and chairs and, to the side of the screen, two director's chairs with ‘Michael Winner’ written across the back.’
    • ‘Decorative touches such as vintage movie posters, a mini marquee, director's chairs, and overhead lanterns or strings of lights create the right mood.’
    • ‘A member of the movie crew, she said Schwarzenegger was sitting in a director's chair, surrounded by three or four other men, waiting for filming to start.’
    • ‘I managed to sit down a little heavily into a canvas director's chair, causing me to overbalance and topple over backward.’
    • ‘Lucy went right to the tall director's chair and the audience stood on its feet.’
    • ‘The exhibition consists of a group of large flat tables (the old plywood-on-horses kind), each surrounded by bright red canvas director's chairs, inviting viewers to sit down and immerse themselves in a microcosm of the workshop itself.’
    • ‘There are only eight tables on the terrace, each of them marble-topped, set with canvas-backed film director's chairs and protected from the sun by giant umbrellas that Sir Terence Conran would die for.’
    • ‘Gold Medal, Incorporated, of Racine, Wisconsin, popularized the director's chair in the twentieth century.’
    • ‘Adrian and I were seated on the grass with Ben and Chloe sitting on the director's chairs.’
    • ‘On occasion, when the crowd swells, we have even been known to bring out the director's chairs, the ones used in the garden in summer, the ones that are so low they position a guest's chin right on the table, amazingly convenient to the plate.’
    • ‘We'd watched in horror as a tipsy guest rocked recklessly on the back legs of a director's chair until it, too, collapsed in pieces.’
    • ‘A few months ago I bought an actual director's chair for less than $20 and some of the film stars' clothing was going for under $50.’
    • ‘It doesn't matter that we don't have a new sofa or that we sit on director's chairs around a milk crate and have our meals.’
    • ‘But we're still not quite sure what we think about Habitat's selection of products, which includes a coffee table by the French band Daft Punk, a director's chair by Ewan McGregor, and a bookshelf by Louis de Bernieres.’
    • ‘Now you can edit your own version of the classic shower scene from Hitchcock's masterpiece, no doubt while sitting in a director's chair and smoking a large cigar.’
    • ‘They and 19 other celebrities have been asked to create an item to celebrate furniture store Habitat's 40th anniversary, and have come up with their own designs for everything from a director's chair to a shoehorn.’
    • ‘He isn't sitting in a comfortable director's chair in his spacious office, from where Lindenberg manages Üstra, a Hannover transportation company with 2,100 employees.’