Definition of dire wolf in English:

dire wolf


  • A large extinct wolf of the Pleistocene epoch that preyed on large mammals.

    • ‘Against the blue of a mountain range - the same profile of peaks I could see from Grandview - were vultures, mammoths, dire wolves, La Brea camels, saber-toothed cats, and giant ground sloths.’
    • ‘In the Pleistocene, gray wolves shared the region with C. dirus, the dire wolf.’
    • ‘The figures at the top left and bottom right are dire wolves, extinct relatives of wolves and dogs.’
    • ‘It is likely that the bone-modifying behaviors of dire wolves were intermediate between those of extant wolves and spotted hyenas.’
    • ‘Among this group, the extinct dire wolf (a giant relative of living wolves) claimed the most powerful bite force relative to its size.’


Dire in the sense threatening translating the modern Latin taxonomic name.