Definition of dipsomaniac in English:



  • See dipsomania

    • ‘When all the local timber was harvested, the loggers would move on, leaving their ramshackles behind, and by 1915 skid row came to mean a cheap, disreputable district, usually populated by dives and dipsomaniacs.’
    • ‘At the tube a group of dipsomaniacs chose to come to a halt right in front of ticket barrier I was trying to get through.’
    • ‘When he started out as a callow youth from Stroud, he was a borderline dipsomaniac, who would keep the night porter busier than most.’
    • ‘Danny was downbeat and self-absorbed, reeling from one personal incident to the next like a ship without a compass, and his friends were a mixed bunch of dipsomaniacs and egotists.’
    • ‘Which, in my opinion, is better than having a reputation as a critical and vicious dipsomaniac.’