Definition of diplomatically in US English:



  • 1In a way that relates to diplomacy or international relations.

    ‘the country has been left rather isolated politically and diplomatically’
    ‘they're trying to find ways to work diplomatically with our allies’
    • ‘To achieve this he was, unlike many free traders, ready to intervene diplomatically or if necessary militarily.’
    • ‘The United States remains involved militarily and diplomatically in the region.’
    • ‘The collapse of the country soon revealed how weak the EU was diplomatically.’
    • ‘London preferred to settle its disputes diplomatically without Italian help.’
    • ‘France, humiliated by Prussia in the war of 1870, not only looked for compensation overseas but in the process increasingly aligned herself diplomatically with Russia.’
    • ‘West Germany had recovered its economic strength by 1958 but remained weak diplomatically, which made it the ideal ally for de Gaulle.’
    • ‘The Defence Secretary's remark signals to the nations of Eastern Europe that they can be more diplomatically influential if they are allied.’
    • ‘We are trying to address this diplomatically, but other options are also open.’
    • ‘Diplomatically, too, the moment is right for a new alignment between the two countries.’
    • ‘As Canada moved out of the shadow of Britain in the post-war era, it was only to move into the shadow of the United States, economically, militarily and diplomatically.’
    1. 1.1 In a sensitive and tactful way.
      ‘they have to deal diplomatically with awkward patients’
      ‘a difficult question to answer diplomatically’
      • ‘Why are we not discussing issues diplomatically instead of being so confrontational?’
      • ‘Wood handled the prickly Watson diplomatically and established a harmonious relationship with him.’
      • ‘Diplomatically, he claimed not to know who the other two curatorial finalists were.’
      • ‘Cowen responded diplomatically to the insults and joked that politics was not a beauty contest.’
      • ‘Danner tried to answer Harwin's question as diplomatically as possible.’
      • ‘"I don't mean to imply that factory managers don't want to do what's right, but we all prefer independence over direction," he adds diplomatically.’
      • ‘Byron diplomatically denied that the views represented were his own.’
      • ‘"I think they had a thesis and used extreme examples to prove it," he says diplomatically.’
      • ‘He diplomatically speaks of the transaction as a merger of equals, but his company was clearly in charge.’
      • ‘I asked politely if I could take notes on the diaries, diplomatically offering him a week to consider before calling again to get his answer.’