Definition of diplomatic pouch in US English:

diplomatic pouch

(British diplomatic bag)


  • A container in which official mail is sent to or from an embassy, which is not subject to customs inspection.

    • ‘It turned out to be empty; he'd forgotten to pack his clothes and they had to be sent to Edinburgh in the British Embassy's diplomatic bag.’
    • ‘What do you think is in all those diplomatic bags that they carry all over the world?’
    • ‘Kissinger used diplomatic bags to smuggle lethal weapons past the customs of a democracy; he is potentially outside the law as much as any terrorist.’
    • ‘Foreign ministries continue sending out directives and receiving reports; traffic in coded messages becomes brisker; the couriers go on carrying diplomatic bags, if necessary by different routes.’
    • ‘These magazines were brought in in diplomatic bags at a time when Thatcher was passing Section 28.’
    • ‘The Chief had received the file early this morning, in the diplomatic bag on a flight from Paris back to Washington.’
    • ‘Jenna opened one of the diplomatic bags hastily.’
    • ‘The killer had smuggled weapons into Paris from the Seychelles in the diplomatic bag but the plot went disastrously wrong when the assassin burst into the villa in Cannes, mistakenly thinking Rui and his friend Alberto were there.’
    • ‘A spokeswoman for the Department of Foreign Affairs confirmed this weekend that the material had been sent by diplomatic bag to all staff, who are entitled to a postal vote.’
    • ‘In 1984, the Nigerian authorities tried to smuggle their kidnapped foreign minister out of London in a diplomatic bag.’
    • ‘Mr Cowen told a Fianna Fáil press conference there was nothing improper about the use of the diplomatic bag but he was ordering a review to establish guidelines.’
    • ‘Under international convention, diplomatic bags are supposed to go through customs unimpeded, and the European Union has also protested against Zimbabwe's action.’
    • ‘The British invited the Americans to join them in rummaging through the supposedly inviolable diplomatic bags, producing an intelligence bonanza as despatches to and from Japan, Germany, the Soviet Union etc were opened and read.’
    • ‘If it was a diplomatic bag they would have the army out looking for it.’