Definition of diplomatic corps in US English:

diplomatic corps


  • The body of diplomats residing in a particular country.

    • ‘With the U.S. military and diplomatic corps paying close heed, the campaign was spirited and the debate robust.’
    • ‘The newspaper greeted Powell's resignation with an editorial demanding that Bush stamp out similar opposition in the diplomatic corps.’
    • ‘On the one hand, some commercial organisations say to us that Trade New Zealand sometimes acts as if it is part of the diplomatic corps, and that it seems to be very concerned with the process of diplomacy in dealing with trade opportunities.’
    • ‘After retiring from the diplomatic corps, he took a well-paid position as vice president for global markets at McGraw-Hill, the big publishing company.’
    • ‘The Renaissance papacy, infamous for nepotism and corruption, nevertheless went on to contribute innovations in diplomacy, such as resident ambassadors and rules for the diplomatic corps at Rome.’
    • ‘The independence commemoration ceremony was attended by the members of the government and the national parliament as well as foreign diplomatic corps.’
    • ‘On 19 October, the city went under martial law and the government offices and diplomatic corps began evacuating to Kuibyshev.’
    • ‘The warring New and Old Europe factions bunker down and carry on as before, with few changes to the Union apart from the introduction of an EU foreign minister and a diplomatic corps.’
    • ‘A ‘confession’ extracted from him by torture found its way to the press via elements within the diplomatic corps and the security and intelligence apparatus.’
    • ‘World War I, however, brought revolutions, national democratic movements, and the first wave of anti-imperialism: the aristocratic veneer of the diplomatic corps began to wear thin.’
    • ‘On the same day he stated in front of the diplomatic corps that, in the event of a decision by the UN, France would meet ‘its responsibility to the international community’.’
    • ‘The leaders of government and the diplomatic corps had seats of privilege on the west front of the Capitol.’
    • ‘The foreign diplomatic corps, however, had offered recognition of Duan's government of condition that Duan gave an undertaking to respect all existing treaty obligations.’
    • ‘Educated at the Gregorian University in Rome, he was ordained priest in 1899 and entered the papal diplomatic corps at the Secretariat of State in 1901.’
    • ‘Members of the U.S. diplomatic corps walked out.’
    • ‘It was held in Notre-Dame in the presence of the First Consul, the entire government, and the diplomatic corps.’
    • ‘The State Department needs to remind our diplomatic corps that they should not demand, or even request, privileges unavailable to the locals merely for their personal convenience.’
    • ‘Once the war had ended, he tried to make a life for himself in his own nation and was part of the diplomatic corps of Communist Poland's postwar government.’
    • ‘Armed Forces Day is the occasion for a large banquet hosted by the sultan for his officers, senior government officials, and the diplomatic corps.’
    • ‘At 42, Prosper is among the youngest ambassadors in the diplomatic corps and one of the State Department's few prominent African-Americans.’


diplomatic corps

/ˈˌdipləˈmadik kô(ə)rz//ˈˌdɪpləˈmædɪk kɔ(ə)rz/